Hello, again!

Well, that was particularly annoying.

My computer suddenly took sick and had to be sent away to the Poorly Computer Hospital, where it underwent a major transplant.


It seemed to be particularly bad timing, considering that I needed to set up the Print On Demand detail for my book, and that I don’t have immediate access to an alternate machine, other than a notebook. Unfortunately, though, the notebook:

a) is very slow,

b) doesn’t have any of my files on it and

c) has a screen too small for me to read without getting a major headache within 5 minutes.

Because of that, I got cross about it and fretted. But after a couple of days I realised that instead of fretting, since I had found out that fretting didn’t seem to help much, I could just have a bit of free time.

And so I read and went for walks and did all sorts of other things, but today I was able to go and collect it from the Poorly Computer Hospital and bring it home again.

The surgery had also involved having several important programs removed, but when I came to reinstall them I discovered that Microsoft had decided to no longer support the Office 2010 program I had bought from them, and so I ended up having to purchase a new version.

Thanks, Microsoft.

On the plus side, though, it had also removed Windows 10, and reinstalled Windows 7. And this is A Good Thing, since it appears that Windows 10 is good for very little other than causing computers to run at a temperature almost high enough to melt rock and to switch themselves off at random times, preferably when that will cause the maximum amount of inconvenience to the user.

Anyway, I’m definitely overdue another post, as it’s a week since my last one. So, what have I missed in all that time, that I might have been blogging about?

The main news in UK seems to be the upcoming referendum on membership of the EU. The Leave Camp have warned that remaining inside the EU will mean that the UK will be plunged into disaster the very next day, with at least 5 million flesh-eating zombies poised to swarm through the Channel Tunnel and invade the country, whilst the Remain Camp warn that a vote to leave will lead to every single family being evicted from their suddenly value-less houses and every business going bust since there will no longer be any market for them to sell their goods to.


What else?

England trounced Sri Lanka in the first test! *dances little jig* That’s important, anyway!

I don’t think anything else has happened.

So, what do I need to do?

Well, firstly apologise to everyone I’ve not had a chance to reply to yet. I’ll do so very shortly!

Secondly, sort out that Print On demand book. I’m on it!

And thirdly, think of a blog post.

Heaven only knows what I can write about this week.

49 thoughts on “Hello, again!

  1. Mick, you can strike the third item on your to do list! This funny post has me giggling – I think you’ve enjoyed your enforced break from computer world, although the madness of referendum might be enough to send you happily back into blogging world!

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  2. Glad to hear it was the computer that was poorly. I have Windows 10 and it does seem to be a constant headache I’m often have to reinstall it and there seem to be continuous updates. I’ve taken to keeping important stuff in email form now (sending myself an email with an attachment) then if I have problems I can use a computer in the local library.
    Glad to hear about the cricket even though I don’t follow it (shock, horror). Am not sure what to vote in the referendum as both sides seem to be predicting catastrophe whatever happens.

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    1. Well, I know who I’m voting for, Colin, but have no intention of hosting that particular dog-fight on here!

      I do the same with important files – keep them on email – and I suppose I could have gone to the library, but it seemed somehow easier to wait for the computer to be fixed.


  3. You know Mick, I keep hearing all these dire warnings about Windows 10, yet I installed it as soon as it was available and have had no problems at all. The Edge browser had two very minor bugs early on, but they were soon fixed. Maybe it’s because I’m not a power-user? Yes, well done Jimmy, and well done Johnny.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your computer. Maybe it’s like me – I’d always fight off nasty bugs until I was finished with big projects (your computer probably thought you hitting the publish button on your book meant you were done), then I’d relax, the bugs would win and I’d be sick for a few days.

    For me the update to Windows 10 was not glitch free, but I found some fixes on the internet and have the background to know how to apply them. It’s been running fine since. (And I’m still running Office 2010)

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    1. Long may that last, Dave! Yes, it’s almost a tradition to get sick on the first day of a holiday when you feel you can finally relax.

      Obviously my computer had not realised how much there was still to be done!

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  5. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I’m glad they finally installed an OS that works. From what I’ve heard from many people, Windows and Apple have both been struggling to snatch the coveted title of Least Appreciated OS Upgrade. With Windows 10 and El Capitan both in the running, it has been a mighty battle indeed.

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  6. Pleased that you and your computer are up and running again, Mick, even without Windows 10 which I have to say has been nothing but a pain to me so I, like you, have reinstalled Windows 7 (which I don’t think you can go far wrong with). I don’t think I would manage very well without my computer who is almost my constant companion – which is a very sad fact, I know. Glad you found better and more worthwhile things to do with your time when separated from your technology than I know I would have done. Me and my laptop are joined at the hip (an unfortunate encounter with a tube of superglue). Good luck with the print on demand version of your new book, Ellie 🙂

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    1. thanks, Ellie. I agree with you about Windows 10 – it wasn’t the first time that I had had problems with it. And I do rather rely on the laptop, as well.

      I’m hoping the book proof will come in the next day or so, and I’ll report on the outcome of that, no doubt!

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  7. Hello, Mick! If ‘this’ is what You write while thinking ‘What’ to write, etc, etc! Haha.

    A nice post. Thank You.

    My computer has been giving me plenty of problems of late, and the further problem is that We, at least in Our area, do not have those Poorly hospitals. …You phone up all the computer technicians You know, wait for about 3 weeks, hope for the best, and work on Your blood pressure.

    My computer’s present problem is that it will not Start! Would You believe it, yesterday I had to press the Start button 28 times, and if You think that is too much, today I had to do it 88, (EIGHTY EIGHT) times, and I am serious!

    More later! Haha and Regards. 🙂

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