Blowing Someone Else’s Trumpet for a Change!

One or two of the sharper-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I am quite interested in India.

Naturally, this means that I follow a number of blogs about India and travelling around India. So, for anyone that visits my own blog and enjoys my occasional pieces on that subject, you might well like to visit these other sites to see how it is done properly!

Click on the links to visit their sites and show them some love!

These are by means the only such blogs that I follow, but I have chosen these particular ones because each post is always about Indian travel, and because they post frequently and regularly.



(photo my own)

  1. An excellent blend of photography and text, bnomadic is a journal of journeys all over India, although the Himalaya are an obvious favourite:


     2. In his own words: ‘Rang Birange is an endeavour to understand and promote the faraway and unseen India.’ Lots of beautiful photographs coupled with a crisp, often sparse, text:


       3. Arv runs this splendid photographic blog of Jaipur:

Jaipur thru my lens

       4. Tuhin’s travel diary, chol palai, documents his travels around India:

chol palai

25 thoughts on “Blowing Someone Else’s Trumpet for a Change!

      1. Thank You Mick for the love and appreciation. I enjoy your blog too. It’s true that you love India and that’s evident with your India related posts. I often wonder what draws foreigners to India? Religion? Spirituality? Culture? Diversity? I have never been able to resolve this one cause everyone has their own reasons.
        Thanks for featuring on your blog and recommending it to your readers. Much appreciated! 🙂

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        1. You’re very welcome, Arv. And as for what draws me there, much as everyone has different reasons, I have a number of reasons. All of those things you mention, certainly, and then throw in the spectacular geography and I might begin to get close. But India is one of those places that tends to ‘hook’ travellers.

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          1. Absolutely! I have come across many such people. A large number of British people too. Let me ask you why do people get refer to India as colorful? It’s not as if its the only country with colors. what’s so remarkable about India’s association with colors? This question always puzzle me Mick! I’m sure you can throw some light.

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            1. Well, it is certainly very colourful to me. No, not the only one, but it is definitely one of them. And the fact that you see colourful clothing in even the drabbest of places, colourful prayer flags in Hindu and Buddhist areas, as well as so many roadside trees painted in colour, gulal powder everywhere over the north during Holi, piles of coloured powder and spices in every market…Jaipur pink, Jodhpur blue…so many lights…to me, the list seems virtually endless.

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              1. Ha Ha! There’s a popular saying that we don’t value the things we have. Since we’re born and brought up in India, we don’t notice what’s available in plenty. Glad to have this explanation from you Mick! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing these sites.
    Apart from the various reasons mentioned do the people matter too?I have heard many travellers saying that they feel a special connection with the Indian folks.Many have had life changing experiences.

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