Venice…a bit…

Call me arty. Call me something, anyway.

I’m in the middle of a ridiculously busy couple of weeks, so in place of one of my usual ‘witty’ and ‘well-argued’ posts, here are a small selection of pictures that I recently put up on my Picfair site.

I still don’t even have time to catch up with anyone else, but I will in a week or so. Honest!


Marionettes, masks and puppets inΒ a shop window display.


Arches and columns reflected in floodwaters.


Gondolas. It’s Venice, there have to be gondolas.


Umbrellas. It’s raining. You get umbrellas.


Chairs in a rainy St Mark’s Square.


The Venetian version of a backstreet. Or backwater. Whatever.


37 thoughts on “Venice…a bit…

  1. Good to see you around Mick! Yes, Gondola are so synonymous with Venice as it Eiffel tower with Paris or Taj Mahal with Agra!
    These pictures are reminiscent of the romantic city…that is Venice!

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  2. Photos of Venice always look so beautiful, but I always end up thinking about what my Italian (as in, came to U.S. from Naples, Italy) grandfather once told me, that the Venetian women used to throw their garbage out of the apartment windows into the canals!

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  3. Oh my, I love these photos. We have to go to Venice on our next trip. We went to Spain, before that, Austria (oh Vienna!), and… okay Venice next. This post is about our visit to Mt. St.Helen. Please come visit my blog’

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      1. I’ve only been once as well – I hope to get back there one day. It was such a lovely place it felt almost unreal, as though I was on a film set. I don’t imagine rain would make any difference to its allure πŸ™‚

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