What Happened?

Ellen Hawley  (Notes From the UK) draws our attention to this brilliant summary of the UK election, the link to which I provide here.

It is quite the best thing I have seen so far, and slots into my blog very nicely after the previous post.

13 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. I like it, I like it, I like it. I was surprised the Prophet spoke only of soaking the rich for in past times his tribe has been known for borrowing greatly so that when the current tribe followed his to the place of leadership a note was found saying Sorry, Skint. But the debt of the whole country was racked up paying great interest to the gnomes of Zurich.
    Borrow again we will my precious the Prophet was heard to mutter on Friday if only we can form a minority Government.


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    1. Oh goodness. If we bring LOTR into it as well, it’s going to get even more confusing. I’m thinking the DUP might be found on the Barrow Downs, but that’s another story (that I might be tempted to visit at some point!). Hugs back, David!

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