We use words all the time. There is a bottomless well of words, a huge mountain of them. There is a never-ending supply of words. Like anything else that is all around us and that we take for granted, we waste words because we see them never running out.


We never think we have to watch them carefully, but words can teach and inform, or they can conceal and perpetuate lies.

Words can wound or words can heal.

Words can speak to people half a world away, or be whispered into someone’s ear.

Words can bring down governments and send the world to war, and words can bring people together and heal divisions.

Words can soothe troubled minds and words can reopen old wounds.

Words are powerful weapons and words are a lover’s touch.

Words are laughter and words are bitter tears.

Words are pleasure and words are torment.

Words are just…words, but…

The wise use words carefully, for they may have consequences far beyond the intention of the user.

29 thoughts on “Words

      1. It’s one of those unresolved conundrums, apparently. First recorded appearance was in The Christian Recorder in March 1862, when it was reported as an ‘old adage’, so, who knows, eh? My guess, considering the history, is the church in some form, which equates it for veracity with politicians in my mind.

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  1. Very true Mick. And the VERY unwise (like myself) dare to make up new words to add to the already overwhelming assortment we can choose from.
    (I’m seriously thinking about making a pitch to Miriam-Webster to add househusbandology to the mix. I think it would be a valuable addition to our lexicon.)

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  2. So true, Mick – some people find become annoyed with my obsession with words. Throwaway words can wound, as you point out, even if that was never the intention. Their power is far-reaching. An excellent and thought-provoking post, Mick and I love your conclusion: ‘The wise use words carefully, for they may have consequences far beyond the intention of the user.’

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