Monthly Writing Update

AAARGH! Boink…boink…boink…thud!

Sorry…that’s me going a bit stir crazy and bouncing off of the walls at the moment. Two weeks ago I had an operation on my foot, which I am supposed to ‘rest and elevate’ for most of the time. I can get out and about a bit, but it is very slow going, with the aid of crutches, at an average speed of something in between ‘Get on with it!’ and ‘Oh for goodness sake, is that the best you can do?’ and which means, in effect, that I’m pretty well confined to barracks.

At least that gives me plenty of writing time. Perfectly true, but normally I would take a day off from writing every now and again, and go out somewhere – perhaps for a walk. Because that’s not really practical at the moment, I think I’m spending too much time writing and feeling a bit stale, so yesterday I ended up reading and watching a DVD.

I’ll be glad to be back on my feet properly again, but that won’t be for well over another month.


Elephant tea caddy – what’s not to like?

Anyway, enough of your whinging, I hear you cry. What on earth are you writing at the moment?

Well, as usual I’m flitting between books, and I’m almost 40,000 words into the Indian story, which has the plot and sub-plots now fully worked out, and some 25,000 words into book one of The Assassins’ Garden – the one set in Medieval Persia and Mughal India. The plot of this one needs a bit more thought, but I’m making it up as I go along, so we’ll see what happens.

I wrote a few poems in the last month, one of which I put up on a blog post.

Oh, and here’s a haiku for today. The last week or so has been unusually hot and sunny, but the forecast is that it will break sometime this morning.

Heavy summer air,

Feeling so hot and humid,

Threatening a storm.

And here it comes now!

Today? Perhaps I’ll write one or two book reviews, once I’ve finished watching the rain hammering down outside the window.

Or just read…

22 thoughts on “Monthly Writing Update

    1. I’m doing a couple for Goodreads at the moment – although not any by any blogging friends, since most of their books seem to have been gathering dust recently. It’s a skill I definitely need to work on, though. I find reviews quite difficult to write, much beyond ‘I like it’!

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  1. 65,000 words (between both books). Wow Mick.
    Even though your foot needs to heal, sounds like your imagination is still moving at full speed.
    And I’ve heard that boredom is a great source of inspiration for creativity. I don’t know if I believe it, but it sounds hopeful when cooped up inside.
    Enjoy the reads (and reviews)

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  2. Don’t be testy! Sometime its good to just ” sit!” – apparently its why the Lord invented Sunday. To just – STOP!
    I like the sound of Assassins Garden and look forward to reading it. As you know I am your Number One Fan re Making Friends with the Crocodile. If its anything like that then I know it will be a great read.

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    1. Thanks, Jackie! A bit too much stop at the moment, but never mind. I just want to be out there leaping and jumping and all that malarkey.

      I’m pleased with ‘Assassins Garden’ so far, which is probably a good sign!

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  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had an op on your foot and are feeling frustrated. It’s not surprising – if I can’t get out for a few days, I start climbing the walls (a bit difficult for you with your foot bandaged up!). I’m fortunate that I have George and am able to get out and about when I want to. Perhaps, you could borrow a wheelchair from someone (you can loan them from the Red Cross if you have a local one) and have a friend take you out if you get really desperate.

    At least, you’ll have something to have to show for all your time at home, recovering from your op in that you’ve written a hugely impressive number of words towards your new books.

    It has been very hot in our neck of the woods this week, I agree although where I am, we haven’t had any rain yet. We were meant to be having a storm but it didn’t happen – just as well as I have a job hiding behind the sofa these days!

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    1. Oh, I certainly haven’t written all those words in the couple of weeks I’ve been confined here – did I give that impression? Those are the cumulative totals for each so far. Not quite as impressive, really, but I’m slowly getting there.

      We’ve had some rain, and a short but noisy storm a couple of days ago. And today was much cooler and quite dull. Back to our normal summer, by the look of it.

      Maybe you could have the sofa moved a little bit…

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