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As I’m sure we all do, I frequently come across blog posts that I think are particularly interesting. Occasionally, though, I come across one I think is exceptional. I’ve been known to bookmark one or two and return to them several times, usually because they are about something that particularly interests me, but always because they are so well written and put together.

Photo0321 (2)

There are only so many blogs you can follow, and there must be thousands out there I’ve never heard of, but which I would follow instantly were I to come across them.

So the challenge I’m throwing out is if you have seen a post that you consider outstanding, please post the link in the comments thread so I can go and take a look. Anyone who follows me will have a vague idea of what I’m interested in, but if the post is that good, I might strike out and read something completely new to me!

The only rule I’m making is that the post must be by someone else, not one of your own.

My contribution to you is this post by bNomadic, a photo essay on the Mall Road in Mussoorie, a hill station in Northern India, which caught my attention since I hope to go there sometime next year.

31 thoughts on “Feed Me!

  1. Not mentioning anyone for now…but the post you mentioned is awesome….as I was born in mussorie and brought up in Dehradun…I know all about it…loved the way he described and the pictures are just wow!!

    Thank you for that!!

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    1. You are quite right. Those are two lovely posts, Ann. Especially the first one – I lost my brother unexpectedly a couple of years ago, and that poem really spoke to me. Thank you for drawing my attention to them!


  2. I’m so behind in my reading of posts on others’ blogs nothing springs to mind right now. But I do have acquaintance who is preparing to blog some letters written from Persia in the late 17th/early 18th century. By a Frenchman, I think, and translated by her.

    I’ll give you a heads-up when she gets one of them posted.

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