Deadlines and Breadlines

My loyal follower will have noticed that I have a tendency to drop off of the grid for a while from time to time.

I do that, yes. Sometimes I feel I don’t really have anything worth saying, and at other times I feel there is just too much (self-imposed) pressure on me to come up with a new blog post or to keep up with all those I follow.

Some people thrive on deadlines and work best that way. Others dread them, especially those who have regular confidence and anxiety issues.

Dreadlines, indeed.

I’m lucky in that I’ve never really had the kind of job where I have someone shouting at me constantly to produce plans or reports by this or that deadline, or else I’ll be sacked and out of work and the family will be thrown out of the house onto the streets and starve boo-hoo. Yet I set myself the task or writing a new blog post once a week or twice a week, or whenever I feel I should be doing that.

Preposterous, isn’t it?

I enjoy blogging, and enjoy following other blogs, but every now and again I wonder why on earth I don’t just go and spend the day walking in the countryside or cleaning the house or exercising the badger or something.

And that is why I’ve been rather quiet for a week or two.

So, here’s a picture of a small boy and three sharks on a donkey in the desert as some sort of recompense for you.

shark boy crop

You’re welcome.

32 thoughts on “Deadlines and Breadlines

  1. I have come across people walking a ferret and exercising a falcon, but a man (or woman) walking a badger, that I have yet to see! I have heard though of those with pet foxes. I personally find one large lab/retriever is sufficient for me!
    I sometimes also think that I ought to be outside enjoying this glorious autumn weather rather than tapping away at my keyboard.

    Best – Kevin

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  2. Well I have definitely never seen that before! Mick, I’ve been having the same kinds of thoughts: making myself keep to a blogging schedule like its a real job! It creates pressure that takes a little of the fun out of it. I think I’m going for a hike today!

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  3. There are times when I don’t write any post for days and at times what we write doesn’t click well with the readers. It is all part of the blogging journey. Do whatever feels good to you but be in touch, Mick 🙂

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  4. I remember that picture from a couple years ago – it definitely falls into the “you don’t see that every day” category.

    I know what you mean about the blog thing. In those times when having a life gets in the way of the blog routine and I end up a week behind on blog reading, I somehow feel honor bound to try and catch up, and in doing so miss out on having a life.

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    1. No new books yet, Jackie, but because Amazon are closing the platform I used for the Making Friends with the Crocodile paperback, I had to re-do it all on their new platform. That means a slightly different cover for the paperback (which I prefer).


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