Radio Silence

‘I feel I need a holiday,’ said Bilbo in The Lord of the Rings. ‘A very long holiday. I need a change or something. I want to see mountains again and then find somewhere where I can rest in peace and quiet. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book.’

Yeah, you and me too, Bilbo old chum.

ladakh 5 panorama

Perhaps it is something to do with the changing seasons; the falling leaves and the shorter days, or perhaps it is just that I need a long rest, both mentally and physically, but in recent days I have found Bilbo’s conversation on my mind rather a lot.

I’m not going on holiday. I’d love to, but I can’t afford it and there is stuff here I need to do. Some of this state of mind is a result of the uncertainty (of my own making, I freely admit) caused by my retiring from the job I have done in one form or another for the last twenty years or so, and the need (so far unsuccessful) to find something else


Some of it is a result of other ongoing issues that will resolve themselves in time, but until then cause worry and sadness.

It has, really, been a difficult last year or so.

I need some space.

Baushar Fort

So I’m just going off-line again for a while. Maintaining radio silence. Ignoring the blasted Facebook (although I will respond to Messenger – I value my friendships too much not to!).


I might even finish that book.

44 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. Good luck, Mick. I hope you find relief from your worries and sorrows soon. I’m no stranger to the doldrums myself. I find gentleness helps while I’m waiting for a breeze to billow my sails. Sending you warm thoughts. Keep writing!

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  2. Oooh Mick, I’ll miss you … don’t go far away from WordPress. Sometimes just a little break is all that’s needed. I’m sorry you’ve had a truly shoddy year … yes, I do understand. When I had a really rough patch in the summer I too had to have a bit of a break – I simply couldn’t cope with what was going on with all the hell at home, so I get it. It took a bit of effort getting back into it all again but now I think I’ve found a bit of a balance between blogging and writing the book. You can write your book. You must. You write beautifully and even if nothing comes of it, you will never be left wondering “what if” or “I wish I had”. There’s nothing worse than that. Have a good break my dear online friend and we’ll all be here when you return. Katie x

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  3. I do think a break is good for us. The added (self inflicted) pressure of keeping up the blog while trying to write a novel can be distracting and overwhelming. I am reassessing my approach for the next year for those very reasons. I do hope the sorrow and worries pass for you. Best and warmest wishes, Mick!

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  4. Mick, we all have to make choices in life and sometimes we have this feeling of making a wrong choice but it is possible that there was really a no choice. we all undergo this process. I’m hoping things to improve at your end. Good wishes, always!

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