The Empire Strikes Back

old car one (2)

Back in the day…

It will soon be the new year, and here in the UK that means the queen’s New Year honours list, handing out awards to the ‘Great and the Good’.

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with this, except that lots of the recipients get these things because they are either rich or else some sort of useless preening celebrity.

But I digress.

The problem I do have is with the OBE and MBE. Just to remind everyone, OBE stands for the Order of the BRITISH EMPIRE and MBE stands for Member of the BRITISH EMPIRE.

Surely, the time to scrap these insulting and redundant ‘honours’ is long overdue!

20 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back

    1. Thanks. I’m all for tradition, but I think the use of the phrase ‘British Empire’ in an award that is given out today suggests it’s something that still exists. Although I’m English, I feel it is insulting to everyone living in countries that were once part of that empire. Like the US, for example…

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  1. I’m absolutely with you on so many levels. ‘British Empire’ is Victorian, dated and frankly pompous considering the issues this country currently has. I also think that just because you’ve stayed in your chosen career for fifty years doesn’t necessarily mean that you should receive an award (perhaps my in-laws should get one for being married for that long!). Rant over, but suffice to say I agree with you!

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