Tweet, tweet, tweet…

I know I said I’d never do it, and very much against my better judgement, but I’m taking friends’ advice and having a go at using Twitter to promote my writing and my painting.



I don’t feel I’m using it properly, though, and confess to a feeling of losing the will to live when I try.

forest dawn detail

Anyone who uses the thing and cares to take a look at what I’m doing can find me here

Any tips or criticisms or whatever gratefully received!


37 thoughts on “Tweet, tweet, tweet…

  1. I. Have been on and off twitter (currently off) because I felt like I needed to be on it all the time for it to have any use. Bleh. However, I too, may not have been using it correctly. Good luck, Mick. If I ever get back on I will look for you!

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  2. I enjoy Twitter, Mick, and have found a community of like-minded people there. I set boundaries for how much time I will give it, and I try my best to ignore the occasional, but inevitable, nasty posts that scroll through my feed. For the most part, it’s a very positive experience (and, for me, far preferable to Facebook). Good luck and have fun (I’m serious about that last part: have fun!).

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  3. I too have not crossed the event horizon into the black hole of twitter time suck, mainly because I already have too many diversions. I suppose I could figure it out if pressed, but for now the blog will have to limp along without it. Good luck with the excursion.

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  4. Oh, Tweety Pie, (sorry, just couldn’t resist that) I do feel for you. I keep wondering about joining the Twits myself, but I spend far too much time on the Internet as it is. On the other hand, a lot of writers/scholars I follow one way or another do it, so I’m tempted…

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  5. Good luck with this new try Mick. I use twitter to get better updates of current political happening as not every news comes in newspaper, that’s it. But there are some face book blogs who are doing good business and NGO pages who getting instant help when needed. I guess publicity matters.

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  6. Twitter is good only for visibility. People who sells things especially hand made stuff recommends using Instagram. They vouch for generating business from this social media. I’m not sure if you have tried it. But key to success also rests upon using right hashtags

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      1. I suspect it depends on your follower/following numbers, and what teets you receive, Mick. I’m ‘politically’ active, so tend to get involved in those areas of political life that concern me. Trouble is, it can feed your passions and get you involved more deeply than you intend. I’m currently slowly withdrawing from a number of discussion points, so I can spend more time on my own stuff. That was the reason behind my warning.

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