A Little Village in Northern India…

Having bludgeoned all my readers with posts about Making Friends with the Crocodile recently, I thought it would be only fair to share a few pictures of villages in Northern India for the benefit of those who have not been there. It gives a flavour of the (fictitious) village I write about in the novel.


Village street


Pigs foraging on waste ground






Hindu Temple




Village outskirts


Hi jinks during the festival of Holi


Goats at rest

31 thoughts on “A Little Village in Northern India…

  1. Fascinating photos and a great insight into the little Indian villages and the way they live there. Just so completely different from our culture and what we know isn’t it? Difficult to comprehend when you’ve never been there.

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      1. Ishaan Sharma

        Yes they do! Another thing I have noticed is that for some reason, the monkeys prefer temples of lord hanuman and cows/bulls roam around shiva temples. Maybe the animals sense something or maybe they just realise people respect them there.

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