My apologies, folks.

Sorry if I seem to be a little distant at the moment.


I seem to be going through another of those phases where I find it difficult to write anything meaningful. Even commenting on other blogs feels like a chore and all I really want to do is chuck a bag over my shoulder, get away from the town, and wander off into the distance.

So don’t take it personally!

52 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. So good that you recognize when self-care and a change of routine are needed, Mick. I hope the dark presence of our malevolent and boorish commander-in-chief isn’t adding to the gloom. My apologies for whatever he says or does—assuredly it will be stupid.

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  2. Mick, wishing you a relaxing and wonderful break … I’ve learnt not to fight these feelings and am also on a blogging break, which I just seem to fallen into. Enjoy the wandering into the distance … and look forward to your return!

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  3. Nothing wrong in a bit of offline time Mick, it can get a little much at times. Perhaps you should grab a bag and go off for a couple of days somewhere brand new. Recharge the batteries as it were.

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  4. Hello Mick,

    I just popped into for a brief moment to WordPress and just caught you popping out for a little break. I understand that completely; after all, that’s exactly what I’ve done. I hope you’re well. Sorry I haven’t caught up for so long. I’m fine – life has taken many twists and turns (mixed but many good, I’m pleased to say) since I last wrote. I hope to write a post quite soon (famous last words! 🙂 ). Hope you benefit from your break whatever you do with it – take your time and come back when you’re ready. Hugs for you, Mick.

    Love Ellie x 🙂

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    1. Hi Ellie. Lovely to hear from you, And great that you say things are mainly going well. I’m fine, just feeling generally overwhelmed by things at the moment – be it the news, or trying to fit too many things into the available time. I just need to step back a bit from things again. Looking forward to reading a new post from you whenever you’re ready!

      Hugs back, Mick.

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