A Grand Clear Out!

Most of you are probably aware of my Etsy store, where I put up some of my artwork for sale.

At the moment, I desperately need to make some space in the house, and so I am selling off a number of paintings for very much less than usual – not much more than the cost of materials and the postage.

If you’ve ever felt like owning one of my paintings (and, let’s face it, at least…er…one or two people have…) then now would be a good time. The only catch is that I’m only mailing them to UK, because otherwise it would still make them more expensive than I want to sell them at, due to the cost of the postage.

Payment would be by Paypal, which is a very secure way to pay and gives the buyer a lot of security.

The prices on here are the total cost, including postage within UK.

If you’re interested in any of them, please message me. And even if not, I’d be ever so grateful for a re-blog!

poppies and daisies

Poppies and Daisies, acrylic on board, 24 ins x 18 ins, price £40


chinese new year 1

Chinese New Year #1, Acrylic on box board, 24 ins x 18 ins x 1 in deep. Price £40



Poppy #1, Acrylic on board – Framed, size 11 ins x 14 ins, Price £25


summer solstice

Summer Solstice, Acrylic on board, size 24 ins x 18 ins – framed, price £40



Caravanserei, Acrylic on board, 24 ins x 18 ins, price £40



Dusk, acrylic on box canvas, 14 ins x 18 ins x 1 in deep, price £40

33 thoughts on “A Grand Clear Out!

  1. Your paintings are fantastic. So full of vibrancy.
    I would love to have two of them but can’t just now. First, the freight to U.K. Is expensive. Second, I am in the process of having a clear out to.

    No doubt you will sell some.


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  2. One of the few regrets I have with being blind is my inability to appreciate visual art. I am sure your paintings are wonderful, Mick. I particularly like the sound of “Dusk”. Dusk for me is a time between life and death/sleep and wakefulness. One never knows what the morrow will bring and, as the light slowly fades its impossible to be certain that it will be seen again by you at least. Kevin

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    1. My apologies, Kevin, Askimet sent your comment to spam and I’ve just found it. Your interpretation of what dusk is like for you is interesting in the context of my painting, as I have painted the bands of clouds illuminated by the sunset as strong and solid, while painting the land as vague and ethereal – a reversal of how they are usually seen and thought of, to suggest a different relationship between them.

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      1. No problem, Mick. The spam filter is a necessary evil. I find that it gets it right at least 95 percent of the time, but I also have found regular commenters sent to spam, which is very odd! Your description of the painting is wonderful and whoever purchases it will, I am sure derive great pleasure from seeing it on their wall. Best – Kevin

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          1. I remember a year or so back when I was receiving a lot of obviously spammy comments for “approval”, all of them coming from email followers who had recently signed up. It was odd but fortunately WordPress soon resolved the issue!


    1. Okay, I’ve worked out what it is. If you just go to my blog in a general way (i.e. just to http://www.mickcanning.co) the re-blog buttons don’t show, presumably because you’d re-blog the entire website if they did! You need to click on the actual post and once you’re in that, the re-blog button appears.


  3. Seems like a good buy. While I don’t think reblog would be a good option, I will share it on social media. Twitter and maybe FB. Have you considered joining FB groups for art lovers? A lot of people advertise there and get a good response.

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    My UK blogger-friend Mick is selling some of his artwork, and has asked for re-blogs! If he shipped to the U.S., I would be tempted to buy that Poppy, but sadly, postage between the U.S. and UK is cost-prohibitive, as I have learned the hard way. Still, if any of my UK readers are interested, take a look! Nice work, Mick!

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  5. You do some cool work, my friend. I cannot buy, for I am in the U.S., but I have re-blogged, for about half my readership is on your side of the pond. The very first time I shipped anything to the UK, I learned my lesson! It cost me nearly $80 to send about $15 worth of goods! Hope your sale goes well!

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