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There are millions and millions of bloggers out there.

That must mean there are a huge number of talented people beavering away writing posts that would really interest me, but who I have never heard of. And looking through the list of those I do follow, I can see that a large proportion of them have not posted for six months or a year or more. I hope that’s nothing to do with me…

But that must mean it’s time to track down some more to follow.

So if you have a particular favourite or two you would like to suggest I go and take a gander at, please leave a link in the comments box.

In particular, I like to read posts on India and Nepal, creative writing, and environmental issues, but my interests are by no means limited to these. I also follow quite a few others who post about the most diverse things.

I tried this exercise a year and a half ago, and the result was half a dozen splendid new (to me) bloggers to follow.

So, let’s do it again!

My contribution, then, are the following two bloggers:

Delhi-based artist Prenita Dutt blogs as Indian Saffron here and really deserves a much wider audience for her beautiful paintings.

Ellen Hawley is an American living in Cornwall, England, who blogs about the eccentricities, madness and just plain weirdness of much of British life. Full of dry humour and always very readable, her blog can be found here.

43 thoughts on “Feed Me! (2)

  1. Mick, I enjoy reading your thoughts. You have a certain spice to your descriptions that only comes with age and many years of sobriety. There’s no hidden agenda with you, that is you are not trying to sell me something. I also like the fact that you don’t post all the time, as though you were on facebook telling us all the needless details that render a person shallow. You are a pillar of Saturn.

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  2. I agree about Ellen’s blog: I discovered her a while ago, and loved it, but somehow lost touch. That’s the hard thing about blogging, it is so easy to become disconnected. I strongly suspect that not all the posts of blogs we follow show up in our readers or our inboxes.


  3. Hi Mick!
    Thank you for sharing these blogs, and for starting the chain!
    Thank you also for following and commenting on my blog. 🙏🏼 I like writing for my own pleasure, but the interaction really makes it special. 😊
    One of my favorite people to follow is Ozan Varol. You can find him at http://www.ozanvarol.com. He sends a weekly email newsletter that includes a concise and engaging blog post on challenging conventional thinking. He also hosts Famous Failures, my very favorite podcast. Ozan is humble, his topics are resonant, and his context is Goldilocks balanced in volume and frequency. He is not what you describe you usually follow, but if you enjoy my stuff I bet you will like his, too.
    Thank you again! 😊

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      1. Oh I’m glad, Mick!
        I get stingier about what I sign up for anymore, and I unsubscribe easily. But I find myself really looking forward to Thursdays at 9:00, when Ozan’s email hits my inbox. Then I save it for dessert reading after the day’s work is done. Please let me know what you think! 😄

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  4. Hi Mick – Not sure if you’ll be interested, since these are generally about life in the U.S.A., but you might take at look at Linda Leinem’s sites, her WP label is “ShoreAcres.” One is called “The Task at Hand,” and the other, “Lapniappe” (a useful Creole/Cajun word). She has an eclectic and lovely mixture of nature photography, poetry, reminiscence, travel, etc. And Lynn Wohlers, a fellow refugee from New York, now living in the Pacific NW, is a simply wonderful and creative photographer, on WP as “BlueBrightly.” Their posts are heartening – – permeated with their positive, and unpretentious philosophies. Cheers & I’ll check out Dutt and Hawley, RPT

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  5. This is a great idea Mick. Am going to try this out too. A number of people I follow too have simply disappeared ( hopefully they are busier and happier elsewhere). Will check out the blogs you suggested.

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  6. Ishaan Sharma

    Just an observation: There are millions of blog. But each blog which has been around for atleast a month will have one follower you know already.
    Of course, I might be wrong, but I have seen this on almost all blogs.

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