Short Stories and Poems (2)


My grateful thanks to everyone who responded to my request for thoughts on my last post about the content of my book. I was a little surprised (and very pleased!) that most comments tended to agree with my own thoughts on it, so I’ve decided I will go with a mixed collection, both short stories and poems, linked by the theme of ‘journeys’. I am also including a few illustrations with the poems, where I think the poems will benefit from them.

The book will be titled The Night Bus, and with luck it will be available by or before November 30th.

I need to finish a couple of edits, and sort out the running order, then I should be ready for the formatting headaches.

I’ll tell you a little more about it soon.

28 thoughts on “Short Stories and Poems (2)

      1. Yep. I’ve got one major launch function and a couple of minor ones to go. It’s a tough month and I’ll be pleased to get through to the other side so that I can reflect on what has taken place and what I can learn and take from the process.

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        1. One advantage I have over you, Frank, is that once the book is ready, I’ll just press the button and put up a blog that says ‘It’s done. You know where to find it.’

          I’m not much good at self-promotion and I’d rather die than stand in front of an audience and do all that stuff.

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          1. I understand, Mick.

            For me, reading and work-shopping poetry and story-telling are likely to be major activities into the future and will always underpin what I do.

            Travelling bard, me.

            I have to work out what is effective and what isn’t though. Not always clear.

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                  1. It works well, Mick. I’ve been using the prelude to Devil In The Wind, with its many voices. It demonstrates the power of the voices, but also the simplicity of language that can be used to convey. I have a mission of sorts to make poetry meaningful wherever I’m presenting and having audience reading easily from work that is new to them is a great convincer, I’m finding.

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