The Barrow


On wind-sucked Sussex chalklands

Rises a barrow older than itself;

A mock-maternal swell of earth,

Long overdue.


O my land!

Let me hug you close and put my ear to your bump!

I will listen for the sounds within!


But tell me,

If it is true that it only contains

The remains of the dead,

Then why do I hear a heartbeat?

25 thoughts on “The Barrow

  1. Ishaan Sharma

    Hello there! I am not sure if this comment will reach you. For some reason every comment I am writing is disappearing. Either it is a glitch, or every blog out there has blocked comments from me. In case you read this, has this ever happened to you? And do you know any solution?


    1. Your comment went into my spam folder – nothing I’ve done, though. WordPress does seem to get these glitches, occasionally. When that happens to someone commenting on a post of mine I usually find once I’ve marked the comment as ‘not spam’ their next ones seem okay. Now I’ve done that with yours, it might be worth your posting another comment here to see if it works.


        1. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. It must be something to do with the algorithms that Askimet uses. Normally they work well – on my blog they catch somewhere between 5 and 10 spam comments a day, and virtually none of them get past it. I just check the spam queue every now and again to make sure I catch any in there by mistake.

          What is more annoying, is that for some reason (but quite rarely) I may not get notified when someone leaves a comment. But I suspect that might be something to do with the same problem.

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