Coping With The Situation

Now so many of us are confined to our homes for most of the day, there is apparently an increase in social media engagement. This probably should not be surprising.

But curiously, while many people seem to be engaging more with social media, I’m finding it harder to do so. I also find I’m losing patience with the few combative posts I see – the few, because I try not to follow anyone who puts up those kinds of posts. Of course, anyone might choose to do so now and again when irritated or infuriated by something, but I do try to stick with those that don’t. And I’ve unfollowed a few who do.

So because of this, I shall put up the last two posts in the series I’m doing at the moment, then withdraw gracefully (sort of) for a while. I shall continue to reply to any comments that might be posted, of course, because I make a point of doing that. It does mean I won’t be reading other posts for a while, though, unless the urge takes me occasionally.

So take care, stay safe, and I hope you’ll understand.

27 thoughts on “Coping With The Situation

  1. Totally understand and respect your decision, Mick. Good mental hygiene is the very best thing we can do for ourselves right now. It helps not only ourselves but everyone we come into contact with. It’s contagious! I was just telling my husband, “If I don’t read the news or engage with any current events media, and instead just focus on what I’m doing, like making this cup of tea right now, everything is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s wonderful!” I’ve always been aware of the value of living in the moment, focusing on what’s actually at hand, but now it’s like a life-saving device in terms of mental health … for me.

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    1. Exactly that, Monica. I’ve concluded I need a fairly strict regime each day, so I’m writing in the morning, having an hour on the internet in the afternoon, mainly to deal with emails, then after that it’s household bits and pieces, going for a walk, cooking. And at the weekend, no writing or emails, just book-reading.

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  2. I think we are living in very strange times, and it’s important to each find the best way of dealing with it. I see no point in forcing oneself to do things because one must. I find mundane tasks like housework and cooking take up a lot of time (as id we didn’t do them before!) Still, I find time to read, and paint, and I’ve signed up for a six week course on editing a novel… All the best, Mike

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    1. Thanks, Marina. I quite like the mundane tasks, as long as they don’t take up all the available time. And good luck with the course – it sounds rather good. Is it one of the free courses online, or a paid-for one?

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      1. Paid for, but I sold two drawings so I invested. It’s just six week, one module per week, so not nearly as expensive as the 3 month ones, I think around £200. But I did another one of theirs some time ago, and it was really worth it. Very well organized, and the forum was full of interesting people who really interacted—very motivating. They have a free course on at the moment, where they set tasks, etc, to get people writing. I joined, but couldn’t get the steam up… But you can look it up. Also, did you know about the #artist support pledge? Maybe you can join in. You can read about it on IG and Twitter.

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  3. Colin Barrett

    Hi Mick. There is an overload of all sorts of information at the moment. People have time on their hands and are on social media a lot more, and, of course, anybody can put things on. Unfortunately there are people who will always complain or become combative and this may increase in times of stress. Everybody needs to take care of themselves, and their mental health, especially at the moment. Take care of yourself and Sabina, paint your pictures, write your stories, and plan your future….this will not last forever.

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  4. I’ve found it hard to engage on social media too. I’ve barely posted here over the last few weeks. Maybe the lack of real interaction has had a cascading effect! Hope you’re finding pleasant ways to distract yourself. I’m trying to do the same. Best wishes, Mick!

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  5. Probably a good idea Mick, don’t know how healthy it is to be online too long currently. Structuring your days is crucial isn’t it? We’re trying to learn new things and undertake as many physical tasks as possible rather than using screens constantly. Not always easy though. See you soon.

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  6. I must have the bloggers I follow pretty dialed in; I haven’t been seeing combative posts on WordPress. There’s no shortage of craziness from other sources (not that it was any different before the pandemic), so I don’t blame you for stepping back. Mental health is as important as physical health. Be well, Mick.

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    1. Thanks, Dave. No, it’s not WordPress that’s the problem, I agree. But I seem to need to give myself even more space to work at the moment – being stuck inside most of the time it’s just too easy to sit on social media and never get on with anything meaningful. Stay safe too, Dave.

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