The Night Bus ebook Free for Three Days

Giveaway now live!

I think the thing I miss the most during the Coronavirus crisis is being able to travel around; being able to to take journeys. Even a day out is forbidden just now, and all I can do other than go for a local walk is to read books about travel or watch documentaries. I’m sure there are many more like me out there, eager to indulge their wanderlust in any way they can.

So here’s my contribution:


The Night Bus is my book of short stories and poems, all based around the theme of ‘journeys’, and I’m making the e-book free to download for a short period from this coming Saturday.

The link is here and the giveaway will run from Saturday 25th April – Monday 7th April inclusive, US Pacific Time (I know, but that’s how Amazon insists on setting it up! It’s 8 hours behind UK time, so that means the giveaway will presumably start 8 a.m. Saturday UK time and finish 8 a.m. Tuesday.). I’ve not run one of these before, so I hope it works! Please let me know if there are any problems!

Obviously, if you do download it, a review would be marvellous and I’d really appreciate it!

30 thoughts on “The Night Bus ebook Free for Three Days

  1. Ishaan Sharma

    I have a question, not completely related to this post or generous offer.
    When I search Mick Canning on the web, it shows you as an author with three books. The third named “Irregular Stories”.
    I have never read of that on this blog. Could you shed some light on it?

    As for the give away, though I am tempted to read your book, I feel it is wrong to take for free something someone worked so hard on. Probably I will buy it in the future.

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    1. Irregular Stories is a separate book published by the writing group I belong to, and has a short story of mine in it which is also in The Night Bus.

      But you’re very welcome to download The Night Bus – after all, that’s why I’ve made it free for three days!

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      1. Ishaan Sharma

        A writing club sounds like a cool thing!
        I hear that Tolkien, CS Lewis and some of the biggest names of literature belonged to the same group. It must be a fun thing.

        So do the other members of your club have their blogs too? I would like to check them out.

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            1. It’s really to encourage each other in their writing. Sometimes to set themes to write pieces, perhaps critique each other’s work, some networking, to learn from each other’s experiences of, for example, finding editors, publishers, agents…whatever the group want it to be.

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                1. Yes and no…The Assassin’s Garden is mainly set in 16th century Persia, then to India, then England. The Actual Indian novel is called ‘A Good Place’ (that’s the working title) and is set in a Hill Station in 1988.

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