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This is the first poem in a series still not quite completed. Although the rest of the series needs to be read as a single entity, this one works as a standalone piece.

Crows are unsettling.

They make eye contact with you,

Like all their kind:

Rooks, magpies, jackdaws and their ilk,

Black-eyed, mocking, wind-flicked feathers,

Watching you from high branches,

Scattered trees, lone rocks and open fields.

Krra icily in the harshest breeze.


They could be smart, dark-suited undertakers,

Clearing up dead bodies or

Smug bankers, lounging in the hotel bar with

After-dinner drinks, bragging raucously.


Crows solve problems, are wary, learn,

And remember you.

They may reward kindness

With coins and pieces of glass,

With golf balls, or feathers.

But crows make up murders.

They hold grudges and will plot your destruction

If you cross them.


37 thoughts on “Crows

  1. Lovely and so truly said about crows. I get to hear them cawing at their top of their voices everyday at my window ledge and they are waiting for me to give them something to eat. The moment I give them rice they will be calling their friends and they are all happy. I have kept water also for them. In India it is very, very hot at this time of the year. So with pigeons and crows they come every day.

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          1. Yes, yes and what a noise it is deafening even after saying shoo, shoo they are not bothered but at times have to drive them away but will come back with their cawing. This is how I enjoy their company everyday when I go to my kitchen to cook, Mick.

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  2. Great poem! I think of such critters as crows a bit differently, though. If they make eye contact, I hold the glance and speak softly, understandingly, not feeling a threat, but rather a reaching out, a desire for contact, for understanding.

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  3. Really good words Mick and so evocative of those black suited scoundrels. Must admit to not being a huge fan of the crow cult as I suspect they are taking over the world behind our backs. Seem to be vaguely organised ……

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  4. Lovely! Many years ago I moved to a house and would get woken up every morning by a bunch of squawking crows. One morning, I had had it. I threw off the bedcovers and went to the window to find out why they did this every morning. Well, our neighbor had a chicken coop and I saw a fox being run off by the group of crows. They were protecting the chickens! They really are everything you write about and more.

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  5. I’m ambivalent about crows. On the downside there’s that raucous call, sometimes magnified by a big flock. On the upside they’re smart and adaptive, and actually are kind of handsome up close. And they have other vocalizations too, not nearly so harsh.

    We had one coming by for a little while last summer. We’d leave out bread crumbs for whatever bird or squirrel came along, and this one would gather up a big beak full then fly over to the birdbath and soak the lot in water. Babies, maybe?

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