It’s Been A While

A few weeks, anyway. Over the years, most of you have probably got used to me just disappearing every now and again. There comes a point where everything seems to get too much for me and even reading and commenting on posts becomes too difficult and challenging. I ignore social media except to check occasionally to see if I have any notifications, and whether these can just be ignored. As for writing a blog post, my mind just goes blank.

No snidey comments, please…

But I have been reading – reading voraciously, book after book, for a week or two. Comfort reading, for the most part. Books I know I enjoy and which are not too demanding of the reader. In between times I have made good progress with my novel A Good Place, so I’ve not just been feeling sorry for myself, staring morosely into space, and eating too much.

I’ve done that a bit, though.

I’ve even managed, finally, to take my first visit to the South Downs since the pandemic began. I took a bus down to the East Sussex town of Lewes, and from there spent a few hours walking a big loop up onto the Downs, along the top for a few miles, then back to Lewes. It felt as good as a holiday.

P1060476 (2)

I’ve written a couple of new blog posts, too, at long last. Well, it’s a bit of a cheat, really – they’re actually a couple of extracts from a travel essay I’ve been writing. I’ll put the first one up in a day or two. But I still feel I need a lot of space to switch off and think, so I apologise now if I don’t do a great deal of visiting other blogs.

If I do visit, of course, I’ll be socially distanced and masked up, so you might not even notice me there.

47 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. Scribblans

    Glad to see you Mick. I should learn from you and actually try hard to step back when I have reached the edge instead of actually hitting the blog destruct button!
    Gently does it, glad to see you got out for your walk… it’s a definite anxiety barrier to break at present.

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    1. It’s much needed at the moment. Just getting up on the ridge, really feeling the big sky above me and seeing the land spread out was a real tonic.

      And always good to stop and think before hitting that big red button.

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      1. Ishaan Sharma

        You’re welcome 🙂
        Is that what you call a meadow? That is how I always imagine them, but a google image search for meadows gives quite a different result.

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  2. Lovely to see you back, Mick. We all need to switch off at times and can’t nor should, force creativity. It is growing there all the times.
    The picture from the Downs almost makes me vex lyrically.
    So soft, sweeping and healing.


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  3. John Bainbridge

    As a despressive I know these feelings so well. I’m supposed to be writing another book too and find it very hard to sit down and even start. The walks have been good though.

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    1. The walks are so important, John. I sometimes feel there’s a danger of my just going for a walk so I can write about it, and then I need to remind myself of my priorities.

      I hope inspiration bites you soon!

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      1. John Bainbridge

        Yes, I’m hoping to sit down next week, My problem isn’t really the inspiration just the sitting down! All about pacing yourself really I suppose.

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  4. Colin Barrett

    Hi Mick. Nice to see you’re back and sounding well. Glad to hear you’re able to get out now, this makes a big difference. PS. Feel free to ignore me anytime I wont be offended. Take care.

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    1. Hi Colin. Reasonably well, thanks. Just trying to pace myself and give myself a decent amount of space. But why would I want to ignore you? It’s always good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing okay.


  5. You know, Mick, I think it’s amazing any of us are managing to write anything at the moment. Where on earth do you start with this bloody great elephant in the room? That said, good to hear your positives and all the best to you and yours. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Dave. Elephant? I see no elephant…

      We all have to find a way to cope with what life is throwing at us. In my case, it feels like it’s the usual stuff that seems to get flung my way, which is all in my head. So I need to just let go of a few things for a while.

      The very best to you and yours, too.

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  6. I must admit that it is good to see you again, that you have been missed. That said, I thoroughly understand the need to ‘step back’, and I’m so glad you’ve been able to do some things you enjoy. Take care, my friend.

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  7. Glad to hear you’re getting out and about now Mick. We’re actually gin Hove for a few weeks housesitting and are just about to head up to Hassocks this morning for a walk up Ditchling Beacon. Looks a lovely day so should be good. Getting to love those South Downs too after a previous trip up Devil’s Dyke.

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  8. Just take care of yourself, Mick! These are very odd times and they get to all of us now and then. I do “comfort reading” as well, and sometimes blogging just feels like too much. Those are exactly the times to take a little break and not feel a bit guilty. Trust me, we all understand!

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    1. Thanks, Ann. Yes, I’m quite happy to take a break now and again. As you say, we all need to now and then. And there’s no reason to feel guilty about it – none of us have signed any contract to be on blogs or social media for a set amount of time!


  9. I’ve become just like you, Mick. I used to post regularly twice a week, and now I find I’ve become erratic, sometimes I do three over six days, and then none for a few weeks. I’ve decided I’ll only write when I feel I have something interesting to impart. After all, it’s not homework!

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    1. I just need to remember I’ve no deadlines except self-imposed ones, and ultimately no one to please but myself. Same for you of course, Dave. Write the next post when it taps you on the shoulder and says ‘okay, I’m ready, now.’

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  10. Daniel Kemp

    Of the 42 years I was in employment, I had at least one person telling me what I should do. Since I retired I’ve found it difficult to adjust to the fact that I can please myself and there are no deadlines other than self-inflicted ones. Your day trip to Lewis sounded thoroughly inviting so much so that I’m going to investigate if I’m capable of organising something similar.

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    1. It was well worth the effort. And last Saturday I took another trip down there, walking a slightly more adventurous route. It can be difficult to motivate myself sometimes, though. The thought of a couple of hours travelling just to reach the start of the walk is a bit off-putting. Often easier to have someone yell at you…

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