A Sort of Christmas Post

I’ve had several ideas recently for blog posts, but when I sat down and tried to write them none of them really worked out. I then tried a Christmas short story, but although I was pleased with much of it, I couldn’t get the ending right. I couldn’t get it to say what I wanted it to.


I think I’ll just sign off until the new year, and leave you with a festive picture of trees in the mist.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

36 thoughts on “A Sort of Christmas Post

  1. We’ve had days upon days of sea fog, and your photo looks remarkably like our landscape. I’m a great fan of fog, so if I can’t have snow for Christmas, that’s exactly the sort of weather I’d choose. Here’s to a Merry Christmas for you, and a year filled with just the sort of weather that pleases and inspires.

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