16 thoughts on “Random-ish Nepal Photo

  1. It’s lovely, Mick. Is this one of yours? Are they sunflowers? I was just asking because I learned today that sunflowers are Ukraine’s national flower and are now referred to as Ukraine’s flower of peace. Was this why you were sharing this particular photo? Ellie x

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    1. Hi Ellie, Yes, it’s one of mine, taken on the walk into Lukla coming down from the Everest trail. But they are marigolds, not sunflowers. That significance never occurred to me, although I posted the picture as a response to the awful events there.

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      1. I thought it was a photo you’d taken – you’re such a good photographer. It was nice that you posted this beautiful field of marigolds from going to Lukla as a response to the atrocities happening in Ukraine.

        I really should have known they were marigolds as my Mum used to grow them in her garden. Goodness knows what’s become of her garden now. The house was sold to a consortium so it’s probably been made into flats now and no doubt, the garden’s been concreted over. It makes me very sad but I’ll never go back to the house again as I’d rather remember it as it was as my childhood home until I married at 19 and moved out. Sometimes things are best left in our memories, at least if they are good things like my Mum’s house. X

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        1. We used to have lots of French marigolds in our garden when I was a child – pot marigolds too, but it’s the distinctive scent of the French marigolds I remember. I looked at that house on Google Streetview, and I would never recognise it now. It’s been altered beyond belief, like most houses, I suppose.

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