Yuck Time

Well, damn this blasted Covid.

March really isn’t going to plan at the moment. Having already messed up my creative plans for the month, even my Plan B has now fallen apart as we’ve coughed and groaned and generally felt sorry for ourselves. I did manage to write a couple of poems before the yuck set in, though, so all was not entirely lost.

We had plans to do some long walks, now the glorious Spring weather has finally arrived, getting ourselves ready for going away to walk some of the South Downs Way again next month.

At least we’ve got a sunny back garden to sit in, I suppose.

In the meantime, here’s an old photo randomly of a decorated window on a house in the Nepalese Himalaya I took in 1988.

Feels like quite a long while ago.

38 thoughts on “Yuck Time

  1. I just got COVID last week too, and it’s funny how all habits go out the window the moment you’re sick. And here I thought I would make full use of all this sick time. I can totally relate to what you’re going through now. Anyway, get well soon!

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    1. Thanks, Stuart. I know exactly what you mean – all this time available to write or paint or whatever one would like to be doing, but feeling too ick to do it. Hope you’re over yours soon, too.


  2. Aww, Mick. I’m so sorry you’ve caught the dreaded lurgy. I hope you’re not too poorly with it. I’m glad you’re able to sit in your garden and soak up some of this lovely, restorative sunshine. Have the rest of your family got it too? It does tend to spread like wildfire, doesn’t it? Hopefully you’ll soon be better and perhaps, have a late visit to the South Downs to do some walking as I know you love that so much.

    I’ve been very lucky so far and have managed to avoid Covid, touch wood (she says, tapping her head!). I do wish you well and hope you have a quick recovery. Love Ellie X ❤

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    1. By the way, I like that photo! It’s beautiful. I really love pictures of interesting doors and windows. I don’t know why; perhaps, because they’re an opening to something new and who knows what we’ll find on the other side. Ellie X

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    2. Thanks, Ellie. yes, we’ve both got it at the moment and various children / grandchildren are getting over it too.

      I’m definitely on the mend but Sabina is still rather more poorly, although her symptoms only came out a few days after mine, so she’s lagging behind a bit. I’d certainly recommend you do your best to keep clear of it!

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