We Went For A Walk

At last, the weather has got milder and it wasn’t raining so we thought ‘let’s go!’ Nothing outrageous, just seven or eight miles around Kent, in no hurry, looking for signs of Spring. So, have a browse through a few visual notes with me…

It looks very cloudy, but the clouds were thin and we got quite a lot of sunshine.

With birdsong thrown in for free! For some reason, WordPress won’t let me load this video directly, but is happy to load it from Twitter. *shrugs*

The celandines are out.

And a few early primroses.

We passed a magnificent oak

And some rather nice fungi on the end of this log

And, a poem. You may have read this before, as I’ve posted it before, but I’ve put up again because I rather think it just encapsulates how I feel when I go out walking.

If I could just wave a wand,

I would wander the world.

With my notebook in hand,

And a bag on my back.


I would sleep under hedges,

In hotels and haylofts.

Drink beers under trees,

And eat cheese on the moor.


I’d watch clouds over hilltops,

And boats on the ocean.

Shapes and shadows at sunset,

A moon with a view.


And I’d write trivial poems

Of snowfall and sunlight,

Birds singing at dawn

And the sounds of a stream.


There’s the lure of a skyline,

And skylarks above me,

Wine and woodsmoke my welcome,

At the end of the day.


To travel, to journey,

There’s magic in wandering

Over moorland and downland,

Through woods and through fields.


The world’s full of wonders

All waiting for wanderers.

Let me follow these paths

For as long as I can.

17 thoughts on “We Went For A Walk

  1. Gorgeous Spring photos, Mick, and I love your poem. I only vaguely remember reading it before, so I was glad to have the opportunity to read it again. The sound of the babbling brook was very welcome – I’ve been run off my feet lately. Is there a difference between Celandines and Lesser Celandines? I can only guess that the Lesser variety might be smaller. On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong. I love the old oak tree (you know me and trees!), and I’m always fascinated by fungi growing on trees, too. There’s an old, mostly fallen-down tree near me that has fungi of many different colours growing on it. 🌳

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    1. There are Greater celandines and lesser celandines, and they’re unrelated to each other. The greater celandine is a common garden weed (although it has nice flowers) and is related, I think, to the poppy. I’m glad the brook was welcome – a couple of Twitter friends said the same thing. You can’t beat the sounds of running water and birdsong for calming effects!

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  2. The flowers are wonderful, but that oak is my fav among the photos. Your poem is delightful. I agree that it deserves to be posted every spring, or perhaps even twice in a year. It’s got a fine lilt to it, and goes along at just the pace of a nice walk!


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