Arty Farty or What?

I dug these out the other day, while we were having a bit of a tidy-up. I must have done these a good fifteen years ago, possibly more. They are all created by chopping up some of my photographs (nowadays we’d just crop them on the computer!) and mounting them on card. I’d originally thought to make a couple of tryptychs, but then began playing around to see what I might end up with. Then I put them in a drawer and forgot about them.

I think I might have another go with the tryptychs, especially. I have a couple of ideas…

Linked by colour and subject matter

Insects photographed in Oman

Skies and…things that aren’t skies…

The land and the sky

‘A rose, chopped up in pieces, would probably smell like something or other. Maybe.’ – Shakespeare.


From the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal…

21 thoughts on “Arty Farty or What?

  1. I particularly liked the one labelled ‘the land and the sky’. I’d suggest scanning the photos in and then using a graphics program to do the chopping. Even Paint can do a decent job although putting the images back together would be a little tricky. Definitely worth doing.

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    1. Thanks, Andrea. I know I could do that, but it’s the physical product I like. Sections of photograph either stuck onto board or with a cardboard grid placed over. They have that tactile feel i like.

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