This page gives you the links to all the poems published on my blog. I hadn’t realised I had done so many!

Bilbo in the Breeze From a series of linked poems, all with the subject of weather.

Leaves Also from the linked series.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside Not its real title. Also from the linked series.

A Poem With a Very Long Title An old one of mine.

Old Another old one. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it?

Rain This one, too!

The Praising Purple Prose Poem Words…about words…

The Collector What do you collect?

One Or Two Haiku I’ve been known to write one now and again.

Keep Watch at the Window When the nights are drawing in.

Moon After dark…

In Between To make you think…

Ghosts A melancholy one.

Despair Poverty, greed…a poisonous cocktail. I do get angry about some things.

Salt the awful conditions some have to work under.

Refuge If only the world was a kinder place…

My Button’s Bigger Than Your One! Um…angry and worried and…Oh God!

Glamour Defiance in the face of death.

Cindy Says Men can be such pigs…

Vikings Blood and thunder and all that…

No Going Back Definitely not nostalgia!

A Christmas Carol 1 One year I updated a few Christmas Carols for the 21st Century. Probably a mistake in hindsight.

A Christmas carol 2 Writing a second just compounds the mistake.

A Christmas Carol 3 And I never learn.