Short Stories


From time to time, I put up short stories on my blog.

Here are the links.

This is a Science Fiction piece…Light Years

Then a spoof travel piece based on Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’…Three Weeks in Middle Earth

A piece set in Medieval Britain…We Are So Strong

Dear Diary A very tongue-in-cheek piece to make a very serious point.

Then there are all the Christmas stories…

The first Christmas one from 2015: The First Christmas Present (Humour) No.1 in a series.

And the second…What Elves?

The third…Where Are Those damned Elves?

And the fourth…Ho Ho Ho

The following year, I fell into the trap of writing another series…

So, the first one from 2016…The Christmas Story

And the second…The Christmas Story part 2

And…you’ve guessed it…the third and final part…The Christmas Story! The Third And Final Part