New Year, New Paintings in the Shop

A couple more paintings added to the shop, both of them pastels. Since it is the deep midwinter, I thought I’d add a painting of a snowfield. Um…and a desert…

As ever, the link is here

  012Snowfields – pastels



Desert #9 – pastels

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

My Etsy Paintings and Cards Store

A few more pictures added to my online shop here:


Still life – Lemons



Both of those are monotype prints – these are made by applying printing ink directly to a smooth surface such as glass, then taking a print from this by laying a sheet of paper directly over it and using a roller for pressure. The print produced cannot be repeated, since even if a second print is produced the same way from this painting, it will be both much fainter than the first, and also the ink will have spread and faded so each one is unique.


And this one’s quite fun – if a bit oo-er! – a peach in pastels.