Writing was the first creative activity that I ‘seriously’ took to (at least, as far as I can remember!). During my childhood I used to write short stories and poems that I would read aloud to my parents, and then submit to my junior school magazine. They were kind enough to publish a few of these, possibly to keep me quiet.

And I have always loved reading

Throughout my life I have had to find some way of expressing my thoughts in a creative way. Often, I painted. I have also turned my hand to wood carving and print making. Another obsession has been India. After my first visit there, I spent some time attempting to find a way of adequately expressing my feelings and impressions of the country, and, possibly because I was so overawed with the place, found that I had not the skills at the time to do them justice in either prose or poetry, although I felt that I was frustratingly close. It was then that I began a long series of paintings on India that occupied me for a number of years.

I wrote haiku frequently.

I always kept a notebook, even when I wasn’t seriously writing, whether it was just to put down ideas for paintings, thoughts to power my rants, short poems, or ideas that I hoped to eventually work into stories. Looking back, it seems that, one way or the other, I have always been writing.

On top of that, being quite good at Trivial Pursuit and having a head stuffed full of odd facts that are of little use anywhere else, I eventually decided that the best thing I could do was to become a writer.

But why do I write? To use the hackneyed, over-used phrase, I write because I have to. I write because whatever is happening to me and around me, I scribble stuff down in a notebook that I want to turn into a story and share with people. I write because I get an incredible kick when I have spent a long time working on a line or a phrase or a paragraph and read it back and think wow! that really works! I write because I hope (against all expectation) that what I write will be read by someone who thinks that it says something to them about their own life or situation. I don’t write in the expectation of winning competitions or landing a big six figure advance for my next novel, because I hope that I am a realist (although we can all dream). I write because I want to see my thoughts in print, though, so Hooray! for self-publishing! And finally, I continue to write partly because I have had some very kind and positive feedback, so thank you, you know who you are!

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  1. Have you republished the book of haikus? I would really love to read it… I loved the Haiku you wrote in your about me, short, sweet and in 17 words it tells the story of someone who wrote as well. ❤ how wonderful could it be?
    I am happy that you are excited about yourself being a writer, one should be, it's only this life time… hehe 🙂

    I wish you
    Wonderful writing time
    Dear writer san.

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  2. Dear Sir

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for liking my article, Return of a King : A Review on Kitaab and also for following my blog. Really means a lot for a newbie like me.
    Your articles on Indian travel are really interesting. I particularly enjoyed your posts on Southern India and Delhi, yet to check out the rest. Would just like to give you a few suggestions for places. (P.S. you might be knowing it, but since I didn’t find those places on your blog, thought of bringing it to your mention). In Southern India, Hampi and Auroville ( in Puducherry) are quite famous and study subjects for many architecture students; so request you to add it to your list. In Rajasthan, Kumbalgarh and Ranakpura are a travellor’s delight. Kumbalgarh is the largest fort wall in India, and hence a must visit.
    Hope I managed to give you some new information.
    And I’v also written an article about Pahalgam in Kashmir, hope it interests you. Here’s the link-

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    1. Hi Deepika. I read your email this morning, and was going to reply to that when I had the chance, but now that you’ve posted your comment here, I’ll reply to that instead.
      Thanks for the follow, and also for the interest in my sites. It is very kind of you to take the time and especially to send me those suggestions. I know of a couple of the places you mention, but the rest are new to me, and hopefully the next time I get the opportunity to travel to India I shall be able to visit at least one of them.
      I’ve begun to have a look at your own blog, and will read some more of your articles as time permits. You describe yourself as a newbie, but your writing comes across, at least to me, as most mature and polished. I was certainly impressed. I have just been and looked at your article about Pahalgam, and it was definitely interesting.
      Best wishes, Mick


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  4. Help Our Momma


    Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to read our blog post about the hurdles me and my family are facing during this time which was shared on Michael Lai’s blog. We are working on garnering support for the cancer relief crowdfunding campaign my brother and I made for our mom who is fighting third stage colon cancer. Just you taking the time to read seriously is so awesome to us. If you can please share/reblog our cause or promote our page wherever you can. I trust that you can help make a significant impact on our small, humble family.

    Thank you again!

    Christopher Michael

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  5. Ali Isaac

    Hi Mick, I’m just getting in touch with people who expressed an interest in coming to the Bloggers Bash in London on June 11th. If you are still planning on coming, I wonder if you would mind letting us know by email annualbloggersbash@yahoo.com by Wed 18th May so that we can confirm numbers with our venue. Thanks so much. Hope to see you there. Ali

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  6. I am out of words after seeing your paintings 🙂 They are so beautiful 🙂 Each better than the other 🙂 I just checked out your book too 🙂 I will read it once I complete the one I am currently reading 🙂 You have a beautiful blog 🙂

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  7. Yup. Bun was right when he told me I should stop by your place because we might find some common ground. That Bun is a wicked smart guy.

    I’m lagging way behind you in terms of developing my writing muscles, and artistic skills, so I’m relying of my evolving love of words and pretty stuff to carry me through the painful growing process. It will be awesome to follow you, maybe learn a few tricks, and definitely bask in your love of writing, etc.

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  8. Meghan Tregellis

    Hi Mick, this is the Meg you already know with a pen name and a new blog. I had some personal life intrusion in my old blog space and felt the need to put a layer of anonymity between myself and the real world. Anyway, here I am again. 🙂

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  9. I enjoyed you comments on blog etiquette and the reasons you write as they are similar to my reasons to photograph, to share my observations of the world, which I am trying to understand. Thanks for taking the time to look at my world.

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  10. Love the last paragraph, and especially the first line in it. “I write because I have to.” May be hackneyed, but it is so true for all of us who feel the need to pen down our thoughts and experiences. 🙂

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