My Published Books

I currently have two self-published books, both available on Amazon as e-books as well as print-on-demand paperbacks. This link will take you to my Author Page there.


My first published novel (June 2016), Making Friends with the Crocodile, is set in India, and follows the corrosive and destructive relationship between a newly married woman and her mother-in-law. But as a bigger picture, it concerns the contempt with which women are viewed, and the appalling way they are treated, in a male-dominated society.

To tell this story, I took the risk of writing in the first person and narrating the story as a married woman, and am very proud that it has been well-reviewed and praised for its authenticity, especially by Indian female readers.

If it can play a small part in focusing attention on this still-huge problem and encouraging change, I will be more than pleased.

My second book is The Night Bus, a collection of short (and not so short) stories and poems published November 2019. The title piece is a long poem about a bus journey from India to Nepal, and then there are fifteen shorter poems, some of which I have put up on this blog over the years.

The stories range from pre-history through to the twentieth century, variously set in India, Britain, and Europe. The one thing every piece has in common in this collection is the theme of ‘journeys’, although these journeys may not always be immediately apparent.

Finally, I am always very grateful for reviews. Reviews sell books, so should you be kind enough to leave a review on Amazon, or Goodreads, or anywhere else that might help other readers to find my books (such as on a giant billboard in the centre of London with colour photographs and flashing lights), I would be very happy indeed and would probably do a little twirly dance to celebrate. Don’t try and picture that, though.

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