Sri Lanka (2)

Sra Lanka – Ancient Cities

Today, a return to Sri Lanka, and a few of the photographs that I took at some of the ancient sites.

Dambula – Rock Temple – reclining Buddha. There are 5 caves in all, each one more splendid than the last (assuming, of course, that you visit them in the correct order!), containing some 150 Buddha images.

SRPanorama 1thumb


Dambula – Rock Temple -feet of reclining Buddha statue.

BELOW: A further selection of images from the caves at Dambulla.







Anuradhapura – Red brick Jetavanarama Dagoba.


Anuradhapura – moonstone. Moonstones were not merely designed to be decorative, the patterns and figures are all relevant to Buddhist cosmic symbology.


Anuradhapura. The Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba.

Anuradhapura. Elephant carvings at the Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba.

Buffaloes at Anuradhapura doing what they do best!

54 thoughts on “Sri Lanka (2)

  1. Heavens – it gave me the shivers! The pictures of the elephants are great and whilst I think the photography is superb, I find the pictures are creepy. Almost like being shut in the Tomb. I would be scared of not being able to get out.. at all! It seems very cramped and I would feel trapped…. but I can see the beauty in it…..especially, as I said before, the elephants.
    I know its a place of spirituality but not sure I would get as much from here as I would from India….( I am still looking for your contention article. Have I missed something?)

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    1. Contentious? Well, the bottled water one last week was a warm-up. Probably…

      The caves are a bit bigger than the photographs suggest, although the smaller ones might seem claustrophobic to some, I suppose.

      So, back to contentious. Any suggestions?


      1. oh yes I remember now and I mentioned you in one of my (school) newsletters. Telling my host families not to refill water bottles again as the plastic/chemicals leech out and poison the water. So that tip was nicely from one of your blogs. thank you
        Re contentious – I am going to write about racism. Why it wont be stamped out and why its a waste of time trying… ( I have some good reasons as to my thoughts… which are not necessarily my beliefs)

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  2. It always amazes me the amount of effort the faithful will go to for their shrines and places of worship. Lucky for us they didn’t have the boobtube or the Internet to distract them and make them lazy. And so we have these amazing places to visit.

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  3. Thank you.I have heard about these two branches but as a layman I could not make out any gross differences .What I liked most is the way they are encouraged to love all living beings including animals.

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