Interview with Mick Canning

My first author interview, with Cathleen Townsend. My thanks to her for generously hosting this.

Cathleen Townsend

Mick CanningI met Mick through his wonderful blog, located at, and I was delighted when he agreed to be a guest here today.

Let’s start with you, Mick. Tell us about yourself.

I’ve always been writing, and completed 2 novels a long time ago. Both were so awful, though, that I junked them. It was a good learning curve, however, and now I’m hopefully a more mature writer. Until I become rich and famous (!), though, I make ends meet by teaching rock climbing, and occasionally some other outdoor activities.

I love travelling, especially to India and other nearby countries, which probably comes out in my blog posts!

I’ve learned a lot about India from those posts. How did you start your blog? Has it changed over time?

I have been following the blog at Writer’s Village ( for some time, and advice that I received in…

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18 thoughts on “Interview with Mick Canning

  1. I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you to Cathleen for facilitating it. This was very interesting and enjoyable to read. I admire your writing skills and also your art, Mick. Good luck with your new book – I wish you every success.

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  2. I absolutely loved reading your to know soo much more about you and it was a very fun read..wishing you all the best and many more such interviews ahead..waiting eagerly to read the novel..😊👍👍👍👍

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