Review: “Making friends with the Crocodile” by Mick Canning

A great review of my book by Christoph Fischer.


Making Friends with the Crocodile coverI am delighted to present you my review of Mick Canning’s novel “Making Friends with the Crocodile”. Having followed Mick’s blog posts about India for some time, I was eagerly awaiting it.
The book focuses on women in rural India. “If you live near the river, you better make friends with the Crocodile” is an Indian proverb.
In the novel we get to see simple lives, where people struggle to make a living, earn a reputation and survive in a world full of crocodiles. Those crocodiles come in all shapes and forms: friends, family, strangers, laws, conventions…
Surviving isn’t easy, especially if you are a woman.

The story of Siddiqui and her family revolves largely around an unfortunate evening incident that involves her daughter in law and the friend of her husband. How people and the community respond to said incident shows the difficulties women face.
At first I didn’t…

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27 thoughts on “Review: “Making friends with the Crocodile” by Mick Canning

  1. Great to see the book review, so did you travel for the book in particular. Will read it for sure…
    I think it should be reviewed by someone from an Indian origin too as we are more aware of what’s happening and will be able to better relate. Wish you success with this book and lots more in future… 🙂

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    1. Thanks Subhash. No, I travelled anyway, and the book came out of those travels. It would be great if it were reviewed by someone of Indian origin; it was kindly beta-read by one of my Indian blogging friends, which was extremely helpful, but not yet reviewed!

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      1. Will share some thoughts after I have gone through though am not a writer nor a reviewer but from a perspective of the Indian connect and the story, regarding writing you are much better than me, so really wont be able to comment on that area.

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  2. A really good review of your book, Mick. It gave me a real taste of the story and although I’ve not yet got round to getting your book from Amazon to my Kindle, I am hoping to do so when I have finished reading my current book. Congratulations again, Mick, Ellie x

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    1. Hi Kate. Oh, my apologies for this, but it slipped off my radar completely. I spent a frustrating day attempting to launch the book on Print on demand in India, a couple of weeks ago, which went completely wrong, and I retired to lick my wounds somewhat. I will go back and look at Kobo – it might be relatively straightforward. I’ll let you know what happens.


      1. No rush at all, I just was keen to read the book if I could! I am sure this kind of thing is never straight forward, so please do it in your own time, there is only so much energy one can expend on such things. No rush, really.

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