The Best of Humanity

It is frequently said that when disaster strikes, that is when you will see the best of human nature. Generosity, bravery, selflessness – this was all on display yesterday at the dreadful fire in West London. The bravery and selflessness of the rescue services, and of many individuals caught up in the horror as it unfolded. The generosity of the entire community and beyond as they rallied around to donate food and clothing, money and shelter to the victims. All this and much more.


But it is important to remember also that every single day countless individuals all over the world carry out countless acts of kindness, bravery and generosity that few others, if any, ever know of.

It is often tempting to look at the news and think that the human race is a barbaric, selfish, and bloodthirsty entity, and I know I am guilty of that at times, but we must never lose sight of the bigger picture. Because if there are many occasions when as a race we fall much lower than any other creature on earth, equally, there are many where we rise far higher.

28 thoughts on “The Best of Humanity

  1. I have been following the news of the blazing tower and must say that I am touched by the rallying together of the community. These families will need all the support that they can get. You are right Mick, there are times that humanity makes me glad. Certainly, there are countless acts of kindness and generosity that goes around us each day.

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  2. That fire was horrific, and I’m glad that so many people stepped forward to help, even at their own risk. But you are right, every day people do kind and selfless things for others which go unnoticed by the rest of us. The news makes the world seem more dangerous, and people more violent and hateful than they really are. We focus on the negative non-stop, and forget that is not anywhere near the whole story. Thanks for this post!

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