By Train in Sri Lanka

I’m stuck at home still with a foot in bandages, only now I’ve been told that I won’t be back on my feet properly until the middle of August. So, nothing for it but to indulge myself with a bit of a train journey.


On Colombo station – the madding crowd at a typically busy time.



At Kandy station, the departures board is refreshingly low-tech!



At Kandy station.



Leaving Kandy and travelling up into the hills, the traveller passes tea gardens…



…and small farms carved out of the jungle…



…and plenty of jungle.



Ella station, our destination. far from the madding crowd, indeed!



56 thoughts on “By Train in Sri Lanka

  1. I’m sorry you’re foot is still in need of TLC and that you won’t be back on your feet until August – that seems a long time ahead but the way time seems to be going this year, it will probably pass more quickly than you think.

    I like your images of Sri Lanka (you take a good photograph). I think my favourite one is the departure board complete with its miniature clock faces.

    Take care of yourself, Mick and of your foot too, Ellie.

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  2. These are BEAUTIFUL pictures! I especially love the departures board – Kings Cross, take note! So sorry to hear about your foot, old bean. If things don’t improve I shall pop on my nurses uniform and come over. In the meantime, I suggest plenty of good red wine and maybe a sniff or three of gin to help you sleep.

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      1. Unsure when last you were in Ella, but the town itself is rather overrun with tourists. There is even a coffee chain cafe there!! But off the main trails outside the town continues to be just stunning. Kandy is also busy (always was) but is still a delightful town. My favourite place of the hill country continues to be Nuwara Eliya.

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  3. I think I need to add Sri Lanka to that bucket list I don’t officially have. I’ve seen posts from several bloggers that look intriguing.

    August will be here before you know it. One advantage to getting older – time flys.

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  4. Pictures of Lanka gives a strong flavour of greenery and nature. Looks like it’s unspoilt to a greater extent.
    You’re up in plaster? What happened? Take care. Bloggers are here to give you some company. Get well soon.

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    1. Thanks, Arv. Nothing dreadful, I had to have surgery on my foot as it gradually developed bunions and hammer toes and associated problems for years. Walking had become painful, but once the bandages are off I hope to be back to normal.

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    1. Very much so. But getting back to normal, I think. We went in 2011, and it was peaceful then, without any no-go areas. There are some issues, but show me the country that doesn’t have those!


  5. So virtual travels for a little while longer for you! Hope the foot heals well and happy resting until then! I love the photographs and the notice board is perfect for me, reckon I could read that one no problem! What lovely countryside, very dreamy!

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  6. So sorry about your foot. Get well soon! We just published a photo post about train journey to Ella is well. And scrolling through Sri Lanka tag, we found your post! Beautiful photos 🙂

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