If I Could Just Wave A Wand…


Pandering to my Inner Vagabond, here…

If I could just wave a wand,

I would wander the world.

With my notebook in hand,

And a bag on my back.


I would sleep under hedges,

In hotels and haylofts.

Drink beers under trees,

And eat cheese on the moor.


I’d watch clouds over hilltops,

And boats on the ocean.

Shapes and shadows at sunset,

A moon with a view.


And I’d write trivial poems

Of snowfall and sunlight,

Birds singing at dawn

And the sounds of a stream.


There’s the lure of a skyline,

And skylarks above me,

Wine and wood smoke my welcome

At the end of the day.


To travel, to journey,

There’s magic in wandering

Over moorland and downland,

Through woods and through fields.


The world’s full of wonders

All waiting for wanderers.

Let me follow these paths

For as long as I can.


15 thoughts on “If I Could Just Wave A Wand…

      1. Ishaan Sharma

        You’re welcome. I have a doubt. In the west, how are elders addressed? I am surprised how in some movies kids refer to elders by their names lots of time. Is adding mister/miss/missus the way or something else? As you might know, in India we use Uncle/Aunty, but I believe that means the member of family in the west.


        1. I’ve just noticed this, Ishaan. Sorry, I didn’t get a notification for some reason.

          Yes, in the west Aunt or Uncle means those specific family members, and would be addressed that way. As for addressing elders generally, non family members would be addressed as Mr, Mrs or Miss whatever their family name is. Very formally, sir or madam although very few would do that now. Most likely it would be Oi! Mate!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ishaan Sharma

            I forgot I ever asked this. 😃.
            “Oi! Mate!” Would be the last thing I would expect a kid to call an elderly person 😃.
            Thanks for the information, Sir Canning.

            Liked by 1 person

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