I Am The Wind


I clatter dry leaves along dusty footpaths

And bear burdens far greater

Than mere birds and clouds.


On high, cold, moors I blow

In the hollow eyes of sheep, inert and prone,

And ruffle the hissing grass over barrows

Of long-dead chieftains.


From the fading fires of the sick and the dying

I blow prayers in the smarting eyes

Of disinterested and uncaring gods.


I steal your thoughts.

39 thoughts on “I Am The Wind

  1. Mick, your poem is so beautifully written
    and even though it carries much dark and cold I keep
    reading it. Just got an cardigan to keep me warm.
    ” I’ll wind” by David Harris came to mind ……


    “If you see one on the horizon,
    shelter until it has gone away.
    As an ill wind brings no fortune
    whenever it blows your way. ”
    By David Harris

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  2. Mick, a striking image and haunting poem. The last line on its own has me puzzling: “I steal your thoughts.” I love the ambiguity and yet not of ‘I Am The Wind’ and have enjoyed reading the comments/discussion here! 😀

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  3. One of my very first memories in life is of my grandmother, when I was frightened by thunder, telling me that in nature, there is nothing to fear, not thunder nor wind nor lightening nor creatures … that it is only people who are to be feared. While your poem makes me feel a little sad and lonely, it is not because of the wind, but rather because of what it exposes as it makes a clean sweep. Good poem, Mick!

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  4. Your poem is so touching. Thank you for sharing with us. I recall as a child hearing that we can’t SEE God or the wind, but we can see how it blows trees, leaves and even us if it is strong enough. Enjoy the weekend and festive season.

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