Allow me to introduce a new joint venture, a magazine (or zine, as I’m informed we hip youngsters now say):


The final poem in my recent collection, The Night Bus, is a poem called Vikings, and it is reproduced in this here zine with a series of super illustrations.


This is a collaboration between myself and my talented friend Mark Prestage. As already indicated the poem is mine, while Mark designed, cut and printed the linocuts.


Mark also did the hard work of putting the zine together, while I just sat around and drank beer. The zine is printed on 16 pages of high quality paper, in a preliminary edition of 40 numbered copies.


In the UK the price is £4.50 including postage and packaging, and it can be ordered from my Etsy site: here, or directly from me (just email me) using Paypal. Unfortunately the cost of postage overseas makes it impractical to offer outside of the UK (typically doubling the cost of the zine, or even more).

If people make lots of approving noises, we have ideas for similar projects in the future.

Mark also blogs here: drifting in lower case and twits: twit and is well worth a visit.

25 thoughts on “Vikings

  1. Ishaan Sharma

    Congratulations! When did Zine become the new word? How do you pronounce that?

    Oh and since you put in an image, does that mean the viewers may zoom in and read the text 😃

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              1. Ishaan Sharma

                What does being keen on something mean? Doesn’t it mean longing to do something. In that case, I am not able to make out that first sentence. Or does it also mean having knowledge of something?

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  2. Looks great Mick. Great to hear that you’re in the Zine world now (wherever that happens to be). Wasn’t that the place that Neo lived in the Matrix? Take care. Drinking beer whilst the hard work is done sounds perfect though.

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