The Weariness of Rain

It is raining, and after what feels like weeks of steadily increasing sultry heat, it has now been raining for almost an hour. But there is no relief in this rain, at least not yet. It is a light rain, light and disinterested, as if its heart really isn’t in what it has to do. It sounds as though it is tired. It is a dutiful rain, rather than a rain with a purpose. We have been promised thunder, and torrential rain, but so far we have had rain that merely congeals the dust; rain to lightly refresh anyone abroad this evening without threatening to soak them through.

The windows of the house are open, front and back, in an attempt to create a through draught, but the air is still. Clammy. Hot. The only relief from the heat inside is psychological, rather than physical. The pattering of raindrops outside. A slight increase in birdsong, despite the lateness of the hour.

I am afraid the rain does not think it is really worth all the effort and will soon pack up and leave again. Maybe it will never return.

27 thoughts on “The Weariness of Rain

  1. I think rain may just have sent one of it;s youngsters out to play before teatime. No serious games and no getting dirty. But rain won’t pack up, never to return as this is it’s Spiritual Home. Here is where it holds sway three fourths of the year just allowing gaps for hail, snow and those interludes we call Summer and Autumn.
    Have faith, i’s not just Wales that is toyed with in this way, England has a reputation to uphold in he greater world as well and your faith will be well rewarded.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. You do make me laugh, Mick. Of course the rain will return, you live in the UK, it never stops raining there. I never starts raining here … well, that’s how it feels after two full months of not a single drop and about another three months of no rain to go.

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  3. And here I thought you guys had rain all the time and it never got hot there! So, I sent you some nice hot days and took your rain for my own, and you are complaining! Okay, I’ll send your rain back to you tomorrow … how’s that? ⛈️ 😊

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  4. Don’t worry, Mick, the rain will return. Maybe this rain was just to gently water
    all growing things. I can see all flowers singing praise. The humid heat now is
    a problem for us northerners.😊.


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  5. Perfect description Mick and exactly what I thought last night. It was raining but hardly worth the effort. Hopeless rain in fact. Apparently there is a shedload expected tomorrow but we’ll see …

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  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could send rain where it’s needed? Too little rain makes us anxious and depressed, too much rain makes us feel oppressed and soggy. It be nice if rain understood the phrase, “moderation is the key!”

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      1. At the rate things are going, I suspect they’ll be asking to curtail usage as summer goes on. In Southern Oregon the drought is already in full voice, and irrigation is being shut down. I’m guessing this’ll be the rule rather than the exception in the future, and I dread the fire season.

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