I’ve written elsewhere how, like many others, I feel I write because I have to; ideas come into my head and I need to set them out and explore them, to bring them to a conclusion. Because I feel driven by these ideas.

I’ve also written of how the muse sometimes just ups and leaves and hightails out of town. Then I just dry up. But all that time, the ideas will still pop up, perhaps in broken form or just as hints – the odd phrase, a line or two, but refuse to meld with others to make a whole.

That, I would venture, is when you understand the artist within you. You don’t just say Oh, forget it! I’ll take up trainspotting instead! and ignore the tiny sparks that continue to force their way into your consciousness. You note down those ideas, and struggle to tease something – anything – out of them that you can use, knowing that sooner or later they will lead to something.

Yes, that’s when you know you’re driven.

27 thoughts on “Driven

  1. Very good points, and I agree with you, Mick. It’s so hard to get something down on paper or screen when your mind draws blanks, as in my case. I admire your dedication, Mick. I think my muse has upped sticks and gone elsewhere. I haven’t managed to write any poetry for months now – most frustrating. The need to write is a strong urge in me, too. I did manage to produce a post yesterday that I’m really not happy with (that’s honestly not a hint to read it, by the way). I feel the writing is inferior. It was an effort rather than a joy and not at all satisfactory in my eyes. Given that I hadn’t written anything for two weeks, I felt compelled to write something. I’m thinking of deleting it. I hope you and your family are well.

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    1. Thanks, Ellie. But you wrote it, that’s the main thing. Sometimes you just have to push yourself through the writer’s block and say ‘okay, it may not be perfect, but it can always be edited later’.

      We’re okay, thanks, but I’m struggling quite a bit with the heat at the moment. Hopefully you’re not finding it too much.

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      1. Thanks, Mick. I’ve edited it a few times now, but am still not happy with it. I think, perhaps, because I’m feeling rather low and very tired, my harsh and judgemental inner critic has raised its ugly head.

        The heat has been unbearable at times, I agree. Monday and Tuesday last week were the worst and I know you would have had to face that, also. It was absolutely exhausting and very scary given that it’s totally because of climate change and so many people just can’t see or deny that fact. I can cope with up to 28C but after that, it’s really a bit much. We need some rain to break the intense heat.

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  2. Lovely, those occasions when a certain spark fires up the drive. More typically though, as I’m naturally lazy I end up having to be driven to the destination rather than have inspiration seize the wheel and say, “get out of the way, dammit, I’m gonna drive!”

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  3. What you have said here is spot on, Mick. It’s hard to escape this writing thing. I woke up to a very cold day on Saturday when my alarm went off at 6am and though: Maybe I should just give up writing and stay in bed. But I didn’t.

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  4. It’s why I keep a notebook, with a dedicated pen, in each room of the house – just to catch those occasional, and often fleeting, ideas, phrases, sequences of unrelated words, which will one day convert to something worth writing. I hope!

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      1. Some years ago, a UK writing magazine, Writers’ Forum, used to award a Moleskine notebook to everyone who had a ‘starred’ letter published. I collected six over the years, and most are still going strong. Small, with a band to stop them opening in error, pocketable, they’ve served me well!

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  5. I always right down any ideas that come to mind. I wouldn’t necessarily act on them immediately but gives me time to cycle them in my head and process how to handle them the most efficient and effective ways

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