21 thoughts on “Grey

  1. I love this, Mick. Did you take those photos near where you live? I do like cows – they’re such gentle creatures and, yet, are mostly looked upon as food or milking machines. I could go on. “Get off your soapbox, Ellie!”

    We’ve had a similar day here, very grey, all but a short spell of sunshine this afternoon, after which we had a few claps of thunder and some lightning flashes. Now, it’s miserable out there and will get dark before too long. I have mixed feelings about the clocks changing next week – we get an extra hour in bed, but I’m not too fond of the dark evenings. It cuts my day down so much. If I’m out, I have to aim to be back before dark, usually, late afternoon, as I don’t feel safe coming along the Bunny Walks alongside the river on my own with very few people about. Tomorrow is meant to be a better day where I am. I hope it is where you are, too.

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    1. Another wet day tomorrow, unfortunately, as I have to be out and about doing some tasks. But I’ll have my wet weather gear, so I won’t really mind.

      I’m not keen on the clocks going back – it rather underlines that we are moving into winter. One extra hour in bed doesn’t really compensate for it, either.

      And both the cow pictures are mine, although they are different cows. The ones in the first picture are teetotal and wouldn’t be interested in visiting the pub.

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