28 thoughts on “Ah, Bluebells

  1. Simply glorious photos of beautiful flowers. Many of our most familiar wildflowers, like the bluebonnets, are open country flowers. Seeing flowers like these in a ‘bluebell woods’ is a special treat.

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      1. The good news is that they don’t have to compete. Both are beautiful, in their place. Now, I’m eager for our Texas bluebells to show up; I think you’ll enjoy those, too. What’s interesting about them is that their ‘bells’ don’t hang down — they face upward, like the bells of a bell-ringing choir.

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  2. What a lovely display of bluebells, Mick. I have some in my garden, but nowhere near as many as you have in your local wood. Mine grow on the steep bank at the bottom of my garden, and there are few growing amongst the grass this year, too. I have to ask my gardener to mow around them, and not to destroy them. They are so pretty to look at. I’m not sure they are a sign of summer arriving, as it’s been raining quite heavily here all afternoon. I’m glad we didn’t have the storm forecast for my area, either.

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