I have recently discovered Arv’s lovely blogsite ‘Jaipur thru my lens’:


and after reading several posts and enjoying the pictures, I felt that I had to revisit my own photos of Jaipur and share a few of them.

They’re a bit of a mish-mash, but, there you go.

I was there in 2009 for a few days, and probably the thing that I remember most about it is that because I was unwell for much of the time (unusually for me),  I did not get to see many of the places there that I had wanted to see.

I think this is why I enjoyed Arv’s pictures so much.



























22 thoughts on “Jaipur

        1. I think one elephant would have been enough, although the way I was feeling even the gentle motion of a slightly swaying elephant would have made me feel worse. But yes! I would love to do that. Certainly something for another time.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mick. I’m quite happy to know that you enjoy my blog, it’s a great ‘inspiration to keep going. I like the picture you have posted of a small green window, probably shot at Hawa Mahal.

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      1. Thanks Mick! I guess there’s plethora of information floating on internet and guides on the touristy parts. after all tourism and tourist -both are thriving out here. even if I write about the regular tourist places, there must be better reason or something more about it! Even for me, with limited time I’m unable to explore fully, which should give you some idea about the stuff that needs to be written. And writing surely takes time. But yes, living here means you can keep doing things in parts!

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        1. Much to be written, yes. I stayed in a hotel that backed onto Fort Hathroi, but could not find any information about it whilst I was there. I suppose it is partly because there are so many of these interesting places around, some of them just get overlooked. I believe in Delhi, for example, there are ten thousand ancient monuments of some sort or another registered.

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          1. True Mick! Fort Hathroi does have a history, though it’s very difficult to get information on it. It was a small fort whose purpose was to strengthen the city’s security. Currently, there are illegal occupants in the fort and the ownership issues still persist. That’s the only info I have as of now.
            what you mentioned about Delhi is true because Delhi was a power center for hundreds of years. Similarly even in Rajasthan, there are thousands of heritage monuments. Maintaining these is a huge tasks!

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    1. I keep doing that, Bun. I see a place on a TV programme, or read a book about it and think Wow, I must go there! Then every few years when I can afford to travel somewhere I find myself in India or Nepal again, and think Oh, how did that happen? then shrug, and head off for the nearest mountain or temple.

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    1. It is like something out of a dream. The buildings were all originally painted pink for a visit by the then Prince of Wales a little over a hundred years ago (I forget the date), and there is this slight sense of unreality about the groups of buildings that are still all that colour. But it is a great place to visit.

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