A bit of paint splashed around

A different sort of creativity, today. I paint, at times, so here are a couple of my paintings that were inspired by my trips to India.

bihari door

This one is of a door on a house in the North India state of Bihar.


india #1

And this one a more impressionist rendering of doorways, arches and windows.


Although writing has always been the primary medium through which I have tried to express my thoughts and feelings, it was my first trip to India, 28 years ago, that persuaded me to try to paint seriously. Although I have done little in recent years, I still dabble on occasions, and suspect that it is only a matter of time before I begin work on a new painting.

59 thoughts on “A bit of paint splashed around

  1. Those are great paintings, Mick. I’m no art expert but, to my untrained eye, they have a great sensory quality. They draw the observer in and suggest the tactile qualities and even odours of the scenes depicted. Just as a good story should!

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    1. Thanks, Himanshu. The second one is an amalgam of lots of views in Delhi, actually, but it certainly could be Calcutta. The stonework is a similar colour to (for example) the Nakhoda Mosque. Finally, I always say that almost anyone can paint or draw, they just need to learn how to.

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        1. Ah, I wonder where I got that from? I do have a box of pictures and cuttings of all sorts to use in paintings, and I must have used something out of that. Since it doesn’t try to represent an actual location, I wouldn’t have bothered about that sort of accuracy.

          Have you tried speaking sternly to the paintbrush? I find it sometimes works…

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  2. I’m impressed with first painting – blue door! It reminds me of the doors in some parts of Uttarakhand state where the doors are painted in a slightly lighter, yet dark shade of blue and rest of the building is all white (pretty similar to colors in Island of Santorini and Mykonos in Greece). Never knew you loved painting…I’m sure its quite satisfying!

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    1. I’ve never been to Uttarakhand, Arv, at least, I don’t think I have. I’ve always wanted to visit the valley of flowers, and Rishikesh, but so far it hasn’t happened. It does sound lovely.

      Like many things, painting is satisfying when it goes well. Otherwise, it can be most frustrating!

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      1. Mick, I am in love with Himalayas and my first experience was some 15 years back…and its been great traveling there on every available opportunity..I have been to both Rishikesh and VOF, loved each of them for different reasons! I guess you should visit these places too!
        I’m not a art connoisseur…but loved painting immensely in my school years, so yes there is some affinity, still!

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        1. I know exactly what you mean about being in love with the Himalaya. As well as my trips to India, I have been to Nepal 4 times and am always hoping to get a chance for another visit. Every now and again when i think I ought to take the opportunity to visit a new country, I usually end up thinking no, it’s time to go back for another visit to India or Nepal. I guess I’m hooked!

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      1. Great, I liked the picture you took over Maidan. Many western travellers come and post about the dirt and beggars, whereas those do exist in their own country. But your pictures are more close to the city.. I like that.

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  3. I like both of these, particularly the the one of the blue door. It’s very good, certainly much better than anything I’ve ever done. The last time I tried painting a door, I accidentally got some on the handle.

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