By Popular Request (2)

First of all, a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you who contributed to the comments thread on my post earlier this week, ‘Religion or Philosophy.’

I thought it made it the most interesting so far, and all of your comments certainly given me much food for thought about what I had written and my feelings around the subject.

So, today, a couple more paintings. I didn’t paint much when I was in Oman, apart from a few sketches and watercolours, so these ones were worked much later, from some of the photographs I took.

It is in the desert that I have been most aware of the contrast between light and dark, and that is something that I wanted to bring out in these paintings.


Oman #1 Acrylic on board. 24 ins x 36 ins

There is something about ruins, by their very nature, that is stark. They have been shaped by human hand, but are now broken. Designed and built for a purpose, but now with that purpose gone. There is a sadness, or at least a feeling of melancholy.

There is a sense of emptiness, which is frequently a feeling that comes upon the traveller in the desert.

And in the desert, there is not that softening growth of ivy, for example, to soften the harsh and fractured edges of ruins.


Oman #2 Acrylic on board 37 ins x 23 ins

The second painting, Oman #2, was also an exercise in the use of triangles in composition.

16 thoughts on “By Popular Request (2)

  1. The stark contrast between the yellow and dark shades brings out the arid characteristic of the desert land.There is a bit of mystery and a sense of melancholy about both the paintings. The dark window on the first picture attracts attention.

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  2. Mick! Although I used to love painting during my school years but as of now I’m not into it .
    I love how colors stack up against each other -the contrast. yellow and black looks good, the pastel tones in second one is awesome!

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      1. Ha ha! Mick, I’m a visual person. so colors, lines and symmetry are quite important to me. in a way, lot of things are common between two. On the other hand, I can’t understand the idea behind a painting. I mean I can’t think in a way the painter does- how he perceives things. Well, that’s how it’s suppose to be.

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        1. Ooh, you don’t expect me to be giving away those secrets? Not that there are any, of course. Everyone is different, and we all see things different ways. And, I assure you, not all painters understand each other!

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          1. Whoa! And I thought all Painters communicate well! 🙂
            Quite understandable Mick! It’s very much same with portrait and landscape photography! We all are wired differently at some level.

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