Pause for thought…

I think that a bit of an apology is in order here, sort of in advance.

negative 031

August looks like being a ridiculously busy time for me, in various ways, so I suspect that I will be a bit tardy in posting blogs, and even tardier in following everyone else’s.

I have a couple of projects that I must finish, quite a lot of work, and a few people to visit and entertain.

I shall do my best to catch up with them all, but for all those bloggers who I regularly visit and who I might now and again not get around to visiting in the next few weeks, my sincerest apologies. I will turn up now and again, unexpectedly, and then nip off again after sprinkling a few random likes and comments here and there. Well, not random; that’s not my style.


Yes, sporadic.

But don’t write me off, I’LL BE BACK!

38 thoughts on “Pause for thought…

  1. ‘I’ must apologize for being tardy in keeping up even with the kind comments I receive, my Dear Mick. …With all those ideas in the comments, I need some to get OUT of the Real world, (as if You all are not there! 😦 Sigh!). Hearty Regards.

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