Another Creative Art Post

I’ve had a go at woodcarving, too. Would you like to see a few? You would? That’s marvellous.

As if I ever needed an excuse to blow my own trumpet!



The first one is my version of a Sri Lankan carving. This piece consists of two panels; the first one depicting a garuda (a mythical bird who carried the god Vishnu) and the second depicting a lion. It is 10 in x 20 in, and carved in sycamore wood.


The second one is also a copy of a Sri Lankan carving, this time an elephant attacked by an eagle. My version is in Ash, and measures roughly 6 in x 3 in.


The third piece is a totally different subject; my interpretation of a painting by the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe of oak leaves. I have carved it in -appropriately enough – oak wood, and it measures 7 in by 3 in.


Finally, this is my interpretation of a medieval piece from a church in England – I forget which one – depicting the crucifixion of Christ, with Christ flanked by Saint John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary. Again, it is carved in oak wood and measures approximately 8 ins x 13 ins.

Every now and again I think that I would like to work on another carving (possibly one of those two or three unfinished ones I still have hanging around the house!), but we are rather short on space. If I ever manage to get hold of a studio again, I promise myself that I will.

70 thoughts on “Another Creative Art Post

    1. Thank you. Oh, I was quite serious about it for a year or so. But like so much in life, life itself got in the way and now I have no space. And not enough time to do everything I’d like to. At least I’m seldom bored.

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        1. Unfortunately, even the cost of any sort of small studio is out of the question at the moment. I did get interested initially through adult ed where I used to live, but I don’t think they do those courses around here.
          One day I shall have another go, as long as the writing and painting don’t get in the way!

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  1. These are spectacular, Mick. Thank you for sharing and for reminding some of us who may think we’re just “one-trick ponies” that we may have different realms and degrees of talent. What matters is that we love what we do … as you certainly seem to.

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  2. These are beautiful–I particularly liked the homage to Georgia O’Keefe. I’ve never worked in wood, but I have sculpted in clay, mostly figures. I like the contrast to writing. Writing is so word-intensive, whereas sculpting or throwing pots is so tactile and wordless. Sometimes the word-generating part of my brain needs a rest. 🙂

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