It’s one of those days, today, when the clouds are thick and dark and slightly threatening, but are shifting rapidly across the sky and continually changing shape in a rather exciting way.

I’ve always loved clouds.

When I was young, I was always very conscious of the sky. I still have a copy of a poem I wrote when I was fifteen or sixteen, which I won’t reproduce here, but was titled ‘Clouds’ and compared their shifting shapes with dreams and ambitions. Quite prescient, in my own case, as it happens, but I’ll not go into that now.


I wonder whether the average fifteen or sixteen year old even sees the sky on a day to day basis, now. After all, you tend to look down at your ‘smart’ phone, do you not?


Summer clouds…

When I dream about getting away from the daily grind, running away from it all, whatever you care to call it, the image in my head is always a compound of the Himalaya, and clouds. Or English Downland, and clouds. Anywhere remote and away from crowds, really. With clouds.

Ethereal, ephemeral, forever changing shape, never boring.


Dramatic clouds…


Clouds like a painting on a masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci…


Clouds in my own paintings…

I’m tinkering around with a short(ish) story absolutely stuffed full of clouds at the moment, too. perhaps that’s what led me here.

In which case, I’d better chuck in one more…


From Nepal in 1988. *Sigh*.

45 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Lovely, lovely clouds! I am very keen to see your teenage poetry, I must say. My mum recently found a collections of poems I wrote at school and they are horrendous. Thinking I might post them anyway for a giggle. In the meantime, I shall be enjoying these lovely cloud pictures and thinking wispy thoughts…

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  2. I lived in Kansas for seven years, and at first I wasn’t a fan of the flat landscape (I came from an area where we had lots of hills and trees!) But then I finally looked up, and realized that the flat landscape meant I could see so much more sky than I was used to. From then on, I was hooked on looking at clouds….

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  3. A beautiful post, Mick! As to your question, yes, the 16-year-olds of today do see the clouds and appreciate the magic aura of this phenomena- my son and his friends this summer in Sweden came back from long hikes in the woods, along the rocks, around the Lakes with stunning photos of the clouds above the natural landscape – all taken on their mobile phones!! 😀😀

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