This is another standalone poem from my linked series, a work in progress, ‘Breeze’.

So much work in progress! One day, I’ll finish one of these projects, but for now I hope you’ll be satisfied with a few extracts. Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to have a great deal of time at the moment…


It is like a small dog,

The wind is.

Nosing into corners, and

Snuffling around piles of leaves.

Making them leap up in surprise,

And slowly come back down again.

All a-flutter.


Suspicious of the wind,

They cannot keep still,

But are continually on the move.

Looking this way and that,

And glancing over their shoulders,


Whispering ‘Did you see that?

‘Did you see it?’


53 thoughts on “Leaves

          1. Thank you for visiting my site today and your follow, I am now following you too
            and found a treasure trove of poetry.
            I love your poem on leaves, lots of play and mystery.
            Would you believe, I wrote one called , Dancing Leaves, under the title
            We must love these light, colourful and crackling beings.


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  1. Love this! I can imagine myself in the scene. As for the otter, I hear scientists have discovered fossils of huge otters, ones that would have been major predators several million years ago. Maybe that story filtered into your subconscious!

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      1. There is a radio program on National Public Radio (if you know what I mean – its completely funded by grants and donations, no advertising – called Science Friday. That’s where I heard the story!

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  2. I am just beginning to catch up with some of my favourite Bloggers, having now entered my ” quiet period” at work. Its been a nice way to spend the darker evenings and none more so than your Poems Mick, ( are you blushing?) I read one last week which was rather moving but I love the tone of the one today, rather whimsical. What you do have, that many crave, is the ability to be able to write in such differing ways. Sometimes informative; other times sad; whimsical; amusing; and its a great skill. I shall be popping in and out more to catch up on what I have missed. Thank you again for delightful thought provoking work!

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